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Enjoy the Little Things by Stampin’ Up Review

Stampin’ Up – Enjoy the Little Things – Review and Giveaway

Enjoy the Little Things Complete 1There have been few things that I like as much as a craft kit. I love the idea that in one package I can receive everything I need to complete a project.

The best kits, in my opinion, give a good set of instructions, are not overly complicated, include all material needed to complete the project per the instructions. A good kit can make you forget your day and get you lost in your project. I find a project that has everything I need allows me to enjoy myself and not make me wonder if I am missing a important element.

While I was reviewing the latest Stampin’ Up catalog, and I came across the Enjoy the Little Things Project Kit. The thing I loved about this kit was the positive messages that each project conveys.

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Over the Rainbow by Stampin’ UP Review

Stampin’ Up – Over the Rainbow Stamp Set – Review and Giveaway

Over the Rainbow CaseI have been making paper crafts since I was a teenager but I have always had a fear of stamps. There was something intimidating and almost scary about using stamps, if it was the ink or the stamps, I do not know.

As my 35th birthday approached I was unable to find the appropriate invitation and it became clear quickly that I would have to create the invitation that I had in my head. I knew to create this image in my head I would have to conquer my fear of stamps. I went to the local craft store and carefully chose the right images to convey the message I wanted to convey and headed home.

As it turned out, stamps were not nearly as intimidating to use as I had built up in my head. Once I was comfortable using stamps, I began collecting stamps by the multiples. Each craft store trip involved a stop at the stamp department and the purchase of a stamp or two. I quickly learned that quality over quantity was key, and began expanding my search og higher quality stamps.

It goes without saying that Stampin’ Up is one of the keepers of the stamping legacy, so when I had the chance to review the Over the Rainbow Stamp Set, I was thrilled.

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Avery Elle Alphabet and Stamp Review

Avery Elle Alphabet Stamp Set and Ink Review and Giveaway

Avery Elle Stamp and Pigment Ink SetAs regular readers can attest, I love to not only send but receive a handmade card. About 6 years ago, I decided that I wanted to have a gathering for my birthday (for those keeping track it was my 35th birthday). I decided that I could have purchased invitations but decided that a handmade invite would be a good way to go.

The handmade cards had a floral theme and by making the cards myself, it was ensuring that the people I invited were truly the people I cared about. The important thing to know about me is that I am very careful and sensitive to the who I send my handmade items to. I spend time, money and love in each project so I tend to share them with the people I know will appreciate the effort involved.

When I was at the Craft and Hobby Show I came across a stamp company called Avery Elle, that also happens to be headquartered in my hometown, San Diego. When I saw the stamps displayed I knew that I had to share with you all, my new find.

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My Paper Pumpkin by Stampin Up Review

My Paper Pumpkin September 2015 Kit Review and Giveaway

My Paper Pumpkin September 2015If we like it or not, time is marching on and the fall holidays are approaching. The kick off to the fall holiday season for many people is Halloween. I love this time of year, and I used to dress up accordingly. I learned last night that many of us kids of the 1980’s had a “go-to” costume. The one that I choose each year to fall back to was a “witch” and as it turns out Jason;s was a “vampire”. There is something about knowing what your costume is and the preparation needed.

In the spirit of witched and vampires of days past began thinking. Recently we have had a turn over of neighbors and this is the first holiday season, I was thinking of candied apples and was wondering how I would package these and when I received this months My Paper Pumpkin Kit I knew I had found my solution.

I had the chance to review My Paper Pumpkin’s kit box’s previous months box (click here). I was thrilled to be given the chance to review this months box as well. The theme for September was called “Wickedly Sweet Treat”.

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