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Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic Products at Ralphs

Simple Truth & Simple Truth Organic Products at Ralphs

@RalphsGrocery provided me with compensation in exchange for this sponsored blog post. However, all opinions expressed here are my own”

Sometimes as consumers there are times when we want to call a company and make a suggestion but are hesitant that our voice will be heard. Many times these suggestions are jotted down, or emailed to the appropriate party and forgotten about, or so we think. There are times when a company will take it’s suggestions from consumers and put them into action in their products.

The suggestion into action concept came together with the Simple Truth line of products available at Ralphs. Simple Truth is a line of products that are free of 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients. A list was compiled from customers telling the company and brand what they didn’t want in their foods and Simple Truth was the result.

Vision and the ability to notice items becomes higher once our awareness is awakened and that is how the Simple Truth products were for me.

On a recent trip as I walked throughout the store I noticed that every category of food from crackers, baby products, paper goods, to dairy products was represented under the Simple Truth brand.

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