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Hallmark Cubeez – Peanuts – Review

Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Hallmark Licensing, Inc.. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Hallmark Cubeez – Peanuts – Review & Giveaway
Hallmark Cubeez - Peanuts

When I was younger and back in the day i actually worked at my local Hallmark store. I worked for a nice owner who happened to own about 13 other stores throughout San Diego County. I started a cashier and over time I was trusted to close the store with 1 other colleague, and even helped the owners daughter “turn over” the store for holidays. The Hallmark Gold Crown program was new and it was the late 90’s.

I look back on that job and realize I loved it for many reasons including helping people chose the gift and the appropriate card. That card will convey the sentiment and emotion and words that at times they are unable to express themselves. The main store I worked at was located near a Vons, and a movie theater which provided a mass influx of walk in traffic many nights. Many times the walk in traffic would be converted into sales due to the layout of the store and the product that filled that layout.

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My visit to The Suzy’s Zoo Gallery at Sharp Mary Birch

Suzys Zoo Logo A Bit of Whimsy In A World of Caring

I have been a fan of Suzy’s Zoo since I was a child. I remember coloring pictures from the coloring books and loving how happy the characters always looked. To this day I collect Suzy Zoo items for my collection which ranges from plush, stickers, note cards and books. This is a collection that is almost 30 years in the making and it is a labor of love for me.

A couple years ago Jason and I heard that there was a gallery of original work and new work at Sharp Mary Birch in San Diego: The Suzy’s Zoo Gallery at Sharp Mary Birch. We made plans to make a trek down there but reality always got in the way and it became a wish to see. Flash forward to almost 3 years later and my 40th birthday and we finally made the trek down. We had called ahead to make sure that the gallery was still there and we were told by 2 separate people that it was not longer there. I am not going to lie, I was disappointed and in a effort to curb that disappointment Jason suggested we check anyway, in case the person on the phone did not know what we were talking about. We drove to the drop off/pickup so that I could run in and ask and before I was able to get out of my car I saw the gallery. I was thrilled and immediately parked and went in.Suzy's Zoo At Sharp Mary Birch

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