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Little Pink Ladybug Bow Making System Review

Little Pink Ladybug: Brilliant Bowmaker – Ultimate Kit Review and Giveaway

Everything CreatedI have a confession – I am a ribbon addict. I love to collect ribbon and I love to acquire ribbon. In my craft room I have a clear storage box that is full of random lengths, textures and designs of ribbon. If I am in the store and I happen to see a ribbon that catches my eyes, it is a safe assumption that a couple of yards will be added to my collection.

Ribbon Assortment 1The origination of the ribbon collection are a bit murky, but if I had to guess it was due to my love of scrapbooking and gift wrapping. Now, despite having all this ribbon at my disposal, I rarely find uses for it, which is a sad reality that I strive to change with each craft project I take on.

The thing that I love the most about crafting is the constant use of different textures and mediums – ribbon included. There is no place that this fact than at the annual Craft and Hobby Mega Show, and the various vendors displaying their own take on creativity. While there I had the opportunity to see Little Pink Ladybug and their solution to all the ribbon I currently am collecting.

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Ruby Red Face & Body Paint Review

Ruby Red Face & Body Paint Review and Giveaway

Ruby Red Face and Body PaintThere are many was to express ones creativity which can range from coloring, quilting, and even in self-expression. Self expression is a category of creativity that I do not explore often but it is equally important to the other aspects of creativity.

Lucky for society today self-expression is much more accepted and at certain places or times it is encouraged. The first thing that comes to my mind is the Sunday professional football game – being able to show your team spirit is a great way to exercise self-expression. The other time that it is widely accepted is Halloween. For one day a year a person can become a different person for one night. Many times this includes a mask or clothing, but there is another way.

When I attended the Craft and Hobby Mega Show in Anaheim I came across Ruby Red Face & Body Paint and knew that this was an additional tool for self-expression. Continue reading

Eye Connect Crafts Review

Eye Connect Crafts Review and Giveaway

Eye Crafts Product SelectionI love to make things for Jason to have at his desk at work, so I am always on the lookout for cute small items I can make in the themes that interest him. I love to do crafts that I have not done in the past – I love the discovery to the completion. I am always looking for crafts I can combine something unique for his desk and fulfill my creative desire.

When I attended the Craft and Hobby Mega Show in Anaheim I saw some crafts that could be contenders for “deskorations”. One of the companies that got my attention was Eye Connect Crafts. Continue reading

Craft and Hobby Mega Show 2016 Wrap-Up

2016 Craft and Hobby Mega Show Wrap-Up!

CHA IntroI had a dream come true recently, I got to attend the annual Craft and Hobby Mega Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. I have been wanting, wishing and hoping that I would be able to attend this annual gathering of craft companies, craft stores, retailers and media.

I went into this fairly blind in that I was not sure what to expect. I downloaded the application on my phone and tried to map out a plan – that did not work. I did have a couple of priorities including seeing a couple of booths and meeting a couple important VIP’s. Other than that initial plan, I was able to just cruise around.

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