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Best Pet Costumes on Amazon

Dress Your Pet with Amazons Best Pet Costumes

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There are no doubts that I am a fan of my pets! For as long as I can remember I have wanted to dress the cats up. I attempted to make Maggee a Ladybug costume this past Halloween, and I always use a cute hat for Murfee, but this it mostly because I have not found the perfect costume, until now!

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Triple T Studios: Pretty in Pink Cat Wallet Giveaway

Triple T Studios: Pretty in Pink Wallet Giveaway

Pink WalletCat’s are funny creatures that are creatures of habit, but sometimes there are exceptions … let me explain. Our house has 3 sleeping spots that are popular with our cats – the yellow pillow I made them from one of our old  pillows (which they seem to love), on the back of the couch and a dog bed that sits by the door (this gives them a perfect window to look out). The odd part of  our cats is that they will totally abandon one of the spots and use one exclusively for a couple of weeks, and then move on to another spot that is totally out of the norm.

I love this aspect of cats – I love thinking what they must be thinking to make them move into otherwise abandoned spots. I have always believed that they have their own thoughts and do have a level of thought that many people underestimate.

A couple of months ago I was introduced to Triple T Studios, and this could not have been a better introduction. I am a supporter of not only my cats, but all cats. One of the products available on their site is a Kitten Wallet which is just beyond feline themed!

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