31 thoughts on “Paper Pumpkin: Wildflower Wishes – February 2018 Kit Review

  1. mjmarmo

    This does look like a wonderful kit. I love to send cards and those sentiments are perfect!

  2. Ann Fantom

    My greatest wish is that I hope my daughter grows up to have a happy and successful life

  3. John Smith

    “What is your greatest wish?” That Americans would vote for progressive politicians who actually want to help them.

  4. jenn fike

    My greatest wish is for my children to grow up happy and healthy and to grow into the wonderful people I know they can be.

  5. Vivian Sun

    My greatest wish is to have happy and healthy kids that grow up to be happy and healthy adults!

  6. MD Kennedy

    My greatest wish is for humanity to finally respect and worship Nature and our Earth instead of selfishness and greed.


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