93 thoughts on “Newman’s Own: Newman’s in Your Basket – Spring 2017 Giveaway

  1. Lisa V.

    My fave would have to be those organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

  2. Tim Hughes

    The peanut butter cups are my new favorite but I have always loved the variety of Newman’s Own salad dressings.

  3. June S.

    I want to try these; Newman-O’s: Chocolate Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies,

  4. Jeanne Coulombe

    Our family loves Newmans products there salad dressing are awesome as the cookies and snacks but those peanut butter bars omg!! yummy

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  6. Heather Weinstock

    I love the Newman’s Own brand tea. The perfect afternoon is a rainy afternoon with a book, a cup of Newman’s own tea, and a Newman’s Os cookie.

  7. Margaret Smith

    My favorite is the Newmans Fire Roasted Tomato & Garlic Pasta Sauce. Thanks so much.

  8. John Smith

    I’m not sure which is my favorite item–I’ll have to try them all!

  9. Cindy Peterson

    I use Newman Own Marinara Sauce For the Common Good because it doesn’t have unwanted added sugar or nasties.

  10. Anne Scott

    Mine is the espresso chocolate bar. And a great company too! So I try to support them when I can (yum!)

  11. Amy Tolley

    I love their salad dressings …there is so many great flavors to pick from…

  12. marilynnawara

    The Newman’s Own Salad Dressing is very good — that’s the only product I’ve tried.

  13. Inez Cegelis

    My favorite is the first product I tried – Newman’s own Salad Dressing. I honestly didn’t know they had cookies! I’ll look for them.

  14. Nancy

    Their Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite product. It’s hard to be a peanut butter and chocolate combo – yummy!

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  16. lmurley2014

    I have not tried their product as of present, but I would love to try the chocolate bars


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