74 thoughts on “Newman’s Own: Holiday Chocolate Assortment Giveaway 2016

  1. Peter G

    Newman’s Own Peppermint Cups because I love Peppermint for the holidays as a creamer and I love Peppermint.

  2. Tracy Robertson

    I love the Newman’s Own Peppermint Cups! I didn’t know they have a Super Dark Chocolate Raspberry as well, and I must try those!

  3. Debbie F

    I love dark chocolate! But even better than dark chocolate? Dark chocolate with espresso! mmmm!

  4. Rosie

    My favorite is white chocolate. Every time I buy it to make a recipe, it disappears before I can bake anything. I wonder where it goes…….

  5. Geena Jean O'Banion

    I like dark chocolate w/caramel. This chocolate would probably be my favorite…if I tried it.

  6. Elle Tucker

    I can only pick one? Impossible! 😀
    Chocolate covered nuts of just about any sort are a favorite though.

  7. Diana Cote

    I am not too picky as long as its good but I do love milk chocolate or sea salt caramel or fruit and nut.

  8. Brooke Allen

    I usually like chocolate with a ganache (I think that’s how you spell it). That and chocolate with caramel.

  9. Cindy Peterson

    Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate? Sign me up! I especially love dark chocolate.


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