MMF Steelmaster and Coin Wrapper Review

MMF Steelmaster: Drop Box,Desktop Inbox & Coin Wrapper Review

Steelmaster Bundle 2Security seems to be everywhere we look, be it television or reality. Jason and I constantly read stories of identities stolen, monies stolen and lives ruined. It has been a little while since I was in an office environment but Jason spends his days in an office and happens to have a job where security is more important that just about any other qualification.

Since Jason’s days are locked in security, I felt it only appropriate, when given the opportunity to review MMF Industries Steelmaster Desktop Inbox, Steelmaster Lockable Suggestion Drop Box and Steelmaster Nested Preformed Wrappers it felt a natural fit.

I was sent MMF Steelmaster Desktop Inbox, Steelmaster Lockable Suggestion Drop Box and Steelmaster Nested Preformed Wrappers.

Here are the products received:

LockIt Desktop InboxSteelmaster Desktop Inbox: This is a locking scratch and chip resistant drawer that can be placed on your desk, and includes a top place to store files. This is 11″ wide x 14 1/8″ deep and 5 3/4″ high, which provides enough room for interoffice mail, file folders and maybe even a paycheck. No matter what you store here it will be safe. This is perfect in a cubicle type environment where privacy comes at a premium.

Steelmaster Lockable Suggestion Drop BoxSteelmaster Lockable Suggestion Drop Box: In the same finish as the Desktop Inbox, being scratch and resistant finish make it safe for hanging and safe for use just about anywhere. I can imagine this would be good in a doctor’s office (we ALL have suggestions for them!), a restaurant, retail, service companies and even could be used in a homeowners association or management.

Quarter Rolls NestedSteelmaster Nested Preformed Wrappers: These are your standard quarter rolls and you find in many stores. These are preformed, are nestable and can be used in high-speed sorting machines. I picked up a roll of quarters and re-wrapped them in these and found they were strong and easily folded and stayed folded for transport or later use.

I loved both the lockable items I received, and while it may take a while to get through the quarter wrappers I am looking forward to saving and collecting them. If you are looking for a solid, nice looking locking drawer or suggestion box I would HIGHLY recommend these!

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