27 thoughts on “Homemade Cleaners Book Review

  1. Jeanne Coulombe

    My favorite home aid cleaner is vinegar and dawn dish soap for my shower doors. They are 4 years old and loom brand new no soap build up!

  2. Angela Saver

    My favorite homemade cleaner is a combination of Dawn Dish Soap, Vinegar, & lemon juice to clean my the bathroom sink & shower! It does an amazing job!

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  4. Lacey Burd

    Honestly, I have never made any of my own cleansers. But, with a 5 year old running around, it’s a change I would love to make! I’m definitely going to do some more research and try out some “recipes” this week!

  5. Bonnie Day

    My only home made cleaners are vinegar I use it to clean everything from parrot cages to floors and mirrors I would love to learn more about it though

  6. Kristina Potter

    Laundry detergent and warm water.. I use it to wash my couches, carpets, rugs, my car seats and carpeting… Saves a lot of money and works better than most expensive carpet cleaners

  7. Betty C

    My favorite homemade cleaner is my laundry detergent that I make with borax, washing soda and Fels-Naptha bar soap


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