The Great Plate Review and Giveaway

The Great Plate Review and Giveaway!

The Great Plate There are few options in the picnic plate type product area, and for a member of a barbecue loving family this can be limiting. Since I am all about truth and disclosure around here I will share a story that was quite embarrassing. I am sure we all have done the precarious plate and cup dance at a BBQ. When my husband and I were dating, it was one of my first large-scale family functions (imagine about 30 people witnessed my moment) and I was doing this precarious balancing act when I tripped and down I went, plate over cup. Needless to say I was embarrassed and NEVER want a repeat of that event and lucky for me I may never have to with my latest discovery: The Great Plate!

I came upon The Great Plate while watching Food Network recently (this is how I expand my culinary wings – steal ideas from the professionals). My first thought when I saw these was that fateful afternoon six years before and how this product could have saved some embarrassment. Given my propensity for dropping plates and cups, I reached out to them and they were very gracious and sent me a couple of plates for review. I chose yellow and blue plates, as we are always and forever Charger fans.

The Great PlateThe first thing that I noticed about the plates was how sturdy they were, and not made of cheap thin plastic. This plate can stand being dropped and will not break; it also flies and floats. The color is bright, vibrant and in the center sits a bowl that almost fits 8 oz worth of sauce or soup.

I loved that I was able to use this and place it on the couch and still have my drink and my snack near me without fear of the cats knocking it over when they inevitably jumped down.

The Great PlateThe Great Plate comes in a variety of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, teal, lime green and white. They are available in the following color combinations:

  • Multicolor packs which is 12/pack and includes 3 each of red, yellow, green and blue.
  • USA color packs 12/pack and includes 3 each of red, white and blue
  • Spring pack 12/pack and includes 3 each of teal, orange, lime green and purple
  • Solid Color 4/pack available in red, yellow, green and blue
  • The 12/pack is available for $36.00 and the 4/packs are available for $14.95

 Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of The Great Plate. This post does have an affiliate link but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

For more information about The Great Plate, click here

You can also find The Great Plate on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube

To purchase your own The Great Plate on Amazon, click here

Now for the best part of any review, the GIVEAWAY!!  The Great Plate has graciously offered 12 plates – the Spring Pack (four each of the following colors: lime green, teal, orange and purple) to one reader, Open to residents in the US and Canada. I will be randomly choosing 1 person on May 6th (5/06/2015) to receive these from The Great Plate!!  To enter comment below about why you would like a plate, or what you like about this plate and please email us your email address (jennifer at dealsamongus dot com) or complete the form below. I will use a random generator to choose the winner! Winner will be notified by me by email and prize will be fulfilled by The Great Plate! Please remember to email and comment to enter! GOOD LUCK!

The Great Plate


37 thoughts on “The Great Plate Review and Giveaway

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  2. Ann Fantom

    I would like to win a Great Plate because it would handy for our family movie nights and family parties

  3. ouida stokes

    I love these plates. Not only great for my clumsy, adorable husband, but with 15 grandkids and big get togethers, they would be great for appetizers with dips.

  4. Melissa B.

    I would like to win because my mother-in-law was just saying how much she would like a set of these plates.

  5. Amy Lovell

    I love that these plates have a bowl in the middle it makes them so versatilile. would love one!

  6. Bailey Dexter

    What perfect plates for any day or party. I would love these for our family & friends BBQ. We always a large table or two set up & these sound perfect!

  7. Ashley C

    I would love this plate because we entertain frequently and this looks like it would be fabulous for that!

  8. Wehaf

    A good friend just installed a new deck and got a grill; I think these plates would be great for her now that she’s going to be having BBQs!

  9. Susan Stirling

    What great plates to celebrate summer! We just bought a new table and chairs yesterday and these would look so great!

  10. kristine bauman

    One of these would be great at my son’s birthday for veggies and dip

  11. Karla Sceviour

    These are so cool and unique looking. I would love to own some of these,,great for parties.

  12. Linda Poplees

    These plates are so different and great for our big family bbq’s during the summer.

  13. Theresa C.

    With three lovable (but sometimes clumsy!) teenagers and a husband, I would certainly put these to good use 😉

  14. shirley

    I like they are sturdy, and not made of cheap thin plastic, and I think there would be less spills.

  15. Andrea Amy

    I would love these for picnics or outside BBQs! My kids and my husband are always dropping things, so these would be perfect. Thanks for the chance 😀

  16. Laura Potz

    It’s a great idea for a BBQ because I usually put my drink on the ground or under my chair while i eat and then usually end up kicking it over. But I think we would use this most often on the couch because my husband likes to balance his cup on the cushion next to him. Drives me nuts. lol. If I tried that with my cup it would end up a mess for sure! I wouldn’t even attempt it without a Great Plate! 🙂

  17. Judy Hunting

    I would love to win this plate, as we host a lot of parties. This would be great!

  18. S. Jackson

    I would love to win these for my nephew. This would be great for his children to use…especially when they go camping!

  19. Laurie Emerson

    I would love to win these plates as I can think of so many uses for them. I also just love the colors!

  20. Rita A

    Pretty cool idea. I would use it for veggies and put the dip in the middle!


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