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Great Plate Holiday 2015 Giveaway!!

The Great Plate Holiday 2015 Giveaway!!!

Great Plate Red and Green Plates in useBack in April I had the opportunity to review Great Plate and see just how durable and how versatile they were (previous review here). I mentioned that to be able to have my food and drink near me on the couch and not spill due to cats jumping down was a bonus and a great feature of the Great Plate. It is 7 months later and the plates look brand new, despite being used every week or two. The color is just as vibrant and the plate is just as level as it was then – it is our “go-to” plate for chips and guacamole

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The Great Plate Review and Giveaway

The Great Plate Review and Giveaway!

The Great Plate There are few options in the picnic plate type product area, and for a member of a barbecue loving family this can be limiting. Since I am all about truth and disclosure around here I will share a story that was quite embarrassing. I am sure we all have done the precarious plate and cup dance at a BBQ. When my husband and I were dating, it was one of my first large-scale family functions (imagine about 30 people witnessed my moment) and I was doing this precarious balancing act when I tripped and down I went, plate over cup. Needless to say I was embarrassed and NEVER want a repeat of that event and lucky for me I may never have to with my latest discovery: The Great Plate!

I came upon The Great Plate while watching Food Network recently (this is how I expand my culinary wings – steal ideas from the professionals). My first thought when I saw these was that fateful afternoon six years before and how this product could have saved some embarrassment. Given my propensity for dropping plates and cups, I reached out to them and they were very gracious and sent me a couple of plates for review. I chose yellow and blue plates, as we are always and forever Charger fans.

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