76 thoughts on “Goodie Girl: Holiday Goodie Bag Giveaway

  1. sharon shafran

    i used to bake but with everyone watching their diet since they run marathons i buy a nice chocolate cake and i eat it lol

  2. Ann Fantom

    I will be baking about eight different types of Christmas cookies, plus a few different types of chocolate snacks.

  3. Tamra Phelps

    I usually bake some cookies, but I think I might try my Grandma’s apple stack cake this year. I haven’t tried it before.

  4. Cathy Truman

    Yes I will be baking cookies and pumpkin bread. I will be making cupcakes for work
    and pies for our friends.

  5. Amie George

    I just found a new recipe for Pecan Pie cookies so I thought those would be perfect for the Holidays.

  6. Kay

    Yes, I will be baking this holiday season. Baking is a huge part of our family’s traditions.

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  8. Debra S

    I love to make a “log” cake.. a jelly roll cake, covered with chocolate frosting to look like a log! Filled with ganache or whipped cream! YUM. I do not make too many cookies. The funny thing is my family is not really a sweet tooth one. I did the cookie thing in the past and they were where not eaten much, so I had far far too many left over! I only do a couple small batches now, the pecan crescents do go…

  9. Kelly Nicholson

    Will you be baking this coming holiday season?

    easy stuff..pies and cranberry sauce

  10. Wehaf

    I will be doing a lot of gluten-free baking. I’m especially looking forward to the pumpkin pies!

  11. Tracy Robertson

    Yes, I will be baking as often as my work schedule allows. I’m starting with double chocolate chip cookies tonight.

  12. MaryAnne JK

    I wanted to but my husband may still be out of state as well as my son, he may not be able to come and I don’t want to bake without them :/

  13. gala

    My husband will be baking, it’s a family tradition. Once a year he bakes special (“family secret recipie”) Italian cookies.


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