Geek Fuel Monthly Subscription – December 2015 Review

Geek Fuel Monthly Subscription – December 2015 Review

December box contents Geek FuelI remember a time when cartoons were nothing more than a Saturday morning ritual. I remember those days before I knew what television seasons were, ratings and what a true solid story line was. There was a simplicity to what we watched, and the characters we loved.

Flash forward 30 years and the cartoon landscape is much different then it was when I was a child and when I stop, and consider, I think it is an over all positive thing. With the advance of cartoons being made into live action movies, this opens a child’s imagination in ways our minds could only dream of. My favorite live action adaptation of recent years has to be The Transformers trilogy – what stated as, what I considered, a boy cartoon has become something I love.

I am a nostalgic person and I often I wish I could travel back and experience the simplicity of the cartoon watching era and I am happy to say that this month Geek Fuel Monthly Subscription Box celebrates those cartoon days. I was eager to open this months box and as with previous months I was eager to see what the box contained and I was not disappointed.

Included in this months box was the following:

Geek Fuel Exclusive T-shirtExclusive Geek Fuel T-Shirt – T-Shirt – ‘The Dark Knightmare Before Christmas’ – This months exclusive t-shirt is a combination of 2 geeky pop culture icons – the Joker from the ‘Dark Knight” and the iconic Tim Burton movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. I loved the Joker in the Dark Knight and loved the creative combination of the two characters into one shirt.

Wrapping Paper and Notecard8-Bit Wrapping Paper with Geek Fuel Greeting Card – This might be the most inventive and cutest wrapping paper I have seen possible ever. There are 3 sheets that would easily wrap 2 shirt boxes. The paper comes in 3 holiday themed colors each with its own patterns including green which has a Legend of Zelda theme that included hearts, arrows and potions. The blue wrapping paper has a MegaMan theme with such images as the man himself and rings. Finally the red wrapping paper has a Super Mario theme with such images as mushrooms, keys and of course, blocks. My favorite is the red because I was a huge Super Mario Bros. fan when I was younger, and lets be honest, not much is different.

Bart Simpsons Manual of MischiefVault of Simpsonology Bart Simpsons Manual of Mischief – There are few cartoons that are as enduring and culturally iconic as ‘The Simpsons’. I was not an overly huge fan until I hit my mid 20’s and I happened to watch an episode (the one where Milhouse declares his love for Lisa – I chooo choo choose you!!) and I saw the humor and heart in the show. I was thrilled this month to receive a Simpsons item and could have received either Bart or Homer – we got Bart. This book is really cute and perfect for fans of the show and includes interactive elements and papers you can remove to reveal more fun show references.

Star WarsStar Wars: Death Star Mold, BB-8 Eraser and Liquid Sabers Candy – I was not surprised to see some Star Wars branded products given all the hype around the new Star Wars. I will start with the Death Star Mold – this is a rubber mold that can be used in making candies. Also included in this months book was a recipe for the peanut butter candies using the mold. The second Star Wars item included in this months box was the BB-8 Eraser – this is a functional eraser although I doubt it will be more than a desk decoration. The third item we received was Liquid Sabers Candy which we did not eat, but saved so that Jason can take “the force” with him to work.

Steam December Games Geek FuelDevil’s Bluff and Bloo Kid 2  – This month came with not 1 game but 2!! This double feature presents two games that are both going to be addictive. The first game called Devil’s Bluff is an online murder-mystery that includes a scavenger hunts, costumed character and an expansive grounds to explore. The second game, Bloo Kid 2, is a side scrolling platformer that is very reminiscent of my favorite game growing up. This is a sequel to Bloo Kid, that included 5 huge worlds with 12 levels

Launched one year ago in December 2014 Geek Fuel’s Monthly Subscription Service is a gaming and geek themed monthly subscription box service. Mailed monthly, around the 10th, it comes in a red box labeled with the Geek Fuel logo in white print. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt that you can only get from having a monthly Geek Fuel subscription. Also included is a Geeky Mini guide magazine and glossy postcard detailing the box contents.

Geek Fuel boxes are available in 4 different monthly options:

  • 1 month/$17.60
  • 3 months/$16.60
  • 6 months/$15.60 + 1 free mystery item
  • 12 months/$13.60 + 3 free mystery items
  • The Mystery items included are a $20.00 value
  • Each box costs a flat $6.00 that covers shipping and handling.

Each months box surpasses the month before and keep getting better and better. This month, as an added bonus, they placed Star Wars Movie Tickets into random boxes – we did NOT win tickets but were excited at the prospect none the less.

If you are a geek, fan of a geek, in love with a geek or even a closet geek yourself I would HIGHLY recommend this box – it NEVER disappoints.

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