50 thoughts on “Fill Your Basket with a World of Chia Spring Duo Giveaway

    1. Carol Rogers

      Lime marmalade and butter on English muffins. Preserves and butter .on toast. Bagels and lox. Lisa V. has it. You can’t beat P.B. and Honey. Oh, and pumpkin butter on toast. I get it from Trader Joe”s

  1. Brittany Carter

    On bagels I like cream cheese and either a good jam or cool ranch Doritos depending on my mood and on toast either butter and jam or cream cheese and brown sugar (great sweet snack at night lol)

  2. jenny

    We found a local lady that grows fruit and makes fresh preserves! Those, and cream cheese of course are amazing on bagels!

  3. Jen D.

    I most love cherry jam and butter on my toast. Bagels are delicious with strawberry cream cheese and sliced strawberries.

  4. Michelle Fuller

    I love grape jelly on toast; for bagels I love cream cheese and chives.

  5. larescoe

    My favorite spreads are cream cheese and fruit preserves! I pretty much love them all, but strawberry and blackberry are my favorites.

  6. Susan Marina Brown Lane

    I like cream cheese on bagels and apricot all fruit on toast. =)


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