45 thoughts on “Bil-Jac: Dessert Jacs – Pumpkin Flavored Treats Review

  1. Sandy Klocinski

    Occasionally, I will make Ice oatmeal and peanut butter dog treats… But his favorite is Trader Joe’s $1.99 Chicken Jerky sticks.

  2. Becca

    OMG I think everything is my dog’s favorite treat. I think he really loves teeth cleaning treats like Greenies or Oravet!

  3. Annamarie V

    We have a new puppy coming to our house in December and these would come in very handy for training him. Maybe these will be his favorite.

  4. Daniel Scott

    My dog likes anything that I’m eating plus all dog treats. I have not found one he would not eat.

  5. Wanda B

    My dog’s favourite treats are the little homemade ones that I make called Bow Wow Biscuits.


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