32 thoughts on “Color Home Coloring Book Review

  1. paulinemilner

    With the assistance, when needed, from a friend who is an experienced carpenter and an electrician, my husband and I have completed several home renovation projects. We have not ever remodeled an entire house, but we would love to have a dilapidated house that we could restore. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  2. John Smith

    “Have you ever remodeled a home?” I’ve done minor fix-ups, but no “remodels,” alas!

  3. jenny

    Yes…. and it was one of the most insane experiences ever. I would never want to remodel again!

  4. Jen D.

    I have not done an entire home, but my husband and I are continually remodeling our 1920’s farmhouse.

  5. Rosanne

    Yes my husband and I totally remodeled a house I inherited that was a disaster. It was the hardest I ever worked but we finally sold it.

  6. Sheryl

    I haven’t personally. Used Lowe’s or local contractors for remodel jobs.


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