Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap Review

Make Cheesecake Easy with the Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap + Giveaway

I will admit that I am not the world’s premier baker, but I sure do enjoy baking. There is something almost magical about the process of mixing a bunch of ingredients that are tasteless apart and an hour later, having something edible.

One of the more challenging things to bake is a cheesecake, from the crust to the topping so any help to make one perfect is welcome in my kitchen. When I recently received an email about the Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap I was curious if this would make cheesecakes easier to make. 

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap and this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

The Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap will replace the usually used aluminum foil for creating a bath for your cheesecake to bake in.

Using the Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap is as simple as placing the batter filled spring form pan inside the Wrap. and then place the waterproof Wrap inside a larger water filled pan. Fill the water to the fill line, place in oven and bake.

The water bath method also keeps egg proteins from bubbling to the surface which can cause cracks on the surface of your cake.

The Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap uses a food-grade silicone that is oven-proof to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. The Wrap is dishwasher-safe, and water proof meaning that you will not have any batter leaks even if you are not using the water bath. Plus, since the Wrap is silicone, it makes the storage easy and adaptable.

If you are a cheesecake connoisseur, or have a cheesecake lover in your life than you need a Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap.


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57 thoughts on “Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap Review

  1. Heather Weinstock

    The most difficult thing about baking is baking with high humidity. A lot of recipes require low humidity.

  2. Lisa V.

    To me, the most difficult part about baking is waiting for the oven to preheat. I get impatient and want to go ahead and put things in the oven (even though I should wait).

  3. stacy

    The most difficult thing is having the baked goods turn out as good as they look on the recipe


    I always have a difficult time with the correct measurements. It recipe usually doesn’t turn out the way it should be !

  5. Melissa Storms

    The mos difficult thing about baking for me is planning ahead. I makes things run so much smoother if you remember to get ingredients out of he fridge to come to room temp.

  6. Maryann D.

    It is difficult for me to find decent baking pans or muffin tins, I tend to burn food also.

  7. jenny

    Baking is a tough one for me because it is precise… everything has to be measured. When cooking, you can add to taste, and it’s all good…but if you don’t measure with baking, you can really wreck it!

  8. Janet C.

    My husband has food allergies, so the most difficult thing about baking is substituting ingredients and still achieving a nice end product!

  9. Cheryl Chervitz

    The worst part of baking for me is burning the food. My oven is weird sometimes and cooks to hot or cold.

  10. Laurie Nykaza

    The most difficult thing in baking is forgetting to set the timer of when to take it out of the oven

  11. jberry

    Thinking you’re clever enough to “wing it”. It is a science after all.

  12. Brittany Carter

    The hardest part of baking is waiting for the finished product to cool lol

  13. Brittany Wilson

    i absolutely think cleaning is the hardest part because after all the hard work you put into who wants to stand over a sink and scrub counters haha

  14. Brenda Elsner

    The hardest part of baking for me is waiting for the oven to preheat. I always just want to turn the oven on and pop in whatever I am baking.

  15. Jennifer H

    Working with an older oven that doesn’t heat evenly makes baking a lot trickier.

  16. Sandy Burton

    I usually have no problem baking, but we just got a convection oven and I am still adjusting and learning. I spent new years eve showing my dil how to make cheesecake, it was so yummy.

  17. allison

    It is hard to get my daughter to help me with it! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  18. Dana Moore

    I think the most difficult thing about baking is getting the timing right

  19. Nicole Flynn

    I think for me the biggest issue is either measuring inaccurately or somehow managing to overcook the crust or tip while the middle is still not finished. Not sure how I manage this as frequently as I do and other times things turn out so well. Just my luck or inconsistent baking skills.

  20. Nora Hamlin

    Planning to have the right ingredients on hand. Yeast bread is always a challenge for me.

  21. larescoe

    The most difficult part about baking is getting the correct timing. Each oven seems to cook differently so I have often had to adjust cooking times.


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