51 thoughts on “Color Couture Adult Coloring Book Review

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  2. June S.

    I like wearing my nice jeans and a comfortable top that is not too hot. ( I get hot flashes real bad)

  3. Barbara K

    My favorite type of out fit is a tank top with a nice blouse over it with a skirt. Great for mixing and matching colors. You can wear it many different ways.

  4. jenny stratton

    I love shorts, tank tops and flip flops or jeans, t shirt, poncho and boots.

  5. Kaitlin Mark

    I am almost always in a dress and heels/boots/wedges–and I prefer dark colors, usually black with navy or maroon accents. ūüôā

  6. Donna Jacoby

    My favorite outfit is jeans, a warm sweater and boots. Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Dena

    My favorite outfit is my p.j.’s, robe, and slippers. Hate to say it but I;m a nightclothes person. haha


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