Chewy Influencer: July 2017 – Fresh Step Litter

Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha Scoopable Litter Review

I am so excited to announce that we are Influencers! What this means is that each month sends us an email with a selection of items that are for dogs, cats and small animals (birds and hamsters) for review. The items range from food, snacks, and supplies needed for pet guardianship. Each month I will bring you a different product that Maggee and Murfee will personally try out.

I was super excited to not only be accepted but then to have the chance to pick an item out for Maggee and Murfee this month. As I scrolled down the email, one item caught my eye – Fresh Step Cat Litter.

Cat Litter is a product that we always need and is always used. Since my cats are highly adaptable I had no hesitation with this litter change, since the brands we normally used would be different than this new one. I chose the Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha Scoopable Litter and eagerly waited for the ubiquitous blue logo box.

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When the day arrived, and I received the Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha Scoopable Litter the cats were instantly curious to what I had.

One of the reasons that I chose the Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha Scoopable Litter was that I have used Fresh Step in the past and always had excellent results. I was curious how the Hawaiian Aloha scent would come through with the combination of Febreeze.

Almost as soon as I received the package, i began to use this litter. The first thing I noticed was that there was no dust, which is always a nice perk with litter. Truth be told, I did not initially smell the Hawaiian Aloha, but when I exited and reentered the room I smelled it when I approached the litter box.

It took a little while for the cats to use the litter box, but they did without hesitation. I had a minor concern that the additional smell would turn the cats away, and was pleased that they did not seem to. What the cats left in the litter box clumped well, and was easy to remove both after the items sat for a couple of hours, or if removed right away.

The Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha Scoopable Litter was easy to use, and with each clump the litter used was minimal.

If you are looking for a solid litter that won’t break the bank, give Fresh Step Hawaiian Aloha Scoopable Litter a try.


What litter do you like for your cats?


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3 thoughts on “Chewy Influencer: July 2017 – Fresh Step Litter

  1. Ellen Beck

    Havingquite a few cats, I buy a store brand which is scented and scoopable. I really do like Fresh Step and have tried almost all except this new one. I like the paw points.

  2. Jennifer Post author

    I am so lucky that Maggee and Murfee are so adaptable when it comes to litter. I can put almost any litter in and they will use the litter box. I realize we are lucky in that respect, as most cats find one brand and want to stick with it.


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