33 thoughts on “Brush Pen Lettering Review

  1. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I enjoy paper products so much that I enjoy sending a hand written note card to friends and family. I certainly enjoy receiving a hand written note. But it has gotten less and less that it happens.

  2. Kathy E.

    I would send more hand-written notes if I could learn beautiful, swirly lettering like this! Hand-written notes are so much more personal.

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  4. Darcy L Koch

    It depends who I am writing to and why. If it’s a close friend or family member and it’s personal I hand write. If it’s just an FYI or similar I’ll send an email.

  5. Naty

    I love handwritting letters. I write ofter to my boyfriend who lieves far from me. I agree with you, my handwritting is terrible, I often try to practice to improve even a little because to me is a little embaracing writting with my ugly handwritting lol.

  6. Sandy Cain

    I hand write personal notes, but send business or other official/government email.

  7. JEN D

    My right hand was injured in a car accident. I had all of the physical therapy that could benefit me, but it’s painful to write and my handwriting isn’t nice anymore. I prefer a note, but now I type them up and print them out.

  8. Joni Mitchell

    i still handwrite notes. I guess I’m old fashioned but there is something beautiful about getting a hand written letter or note.

  9. Margot C

    I prefer to hand write notes, though truth be told most often I send email out of laziness.

  10. Lisa

    I prefer to send email now-a-days, it is quicker. But I used to love writing and receiving letters

  11. Leah Shumack

    Hand written! With the amount of emails that people get they are so easy to overlook!


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