Win an Assortment of Cat Toys

  Assortment of Cat Toys Giveaway

1 winner will win a an assortment of cat toys!

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Petstages – Mix and Scratch Channel Scratcher

Catnip Drumstick

Houspanther Toys

Play and Squeek Toy on Collar

You Left Paw Prints Print


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GIVEAWAY: DealsAmongUs is giving an assortment of cat toys to one lucky reader! (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to win one of the following: (1) Petstages – Mix and Scratch Channel Scratcher, (1) Catnip Drumstick, (1) Houspanther – 2 Toys, (1) Play and Squeak Toy on Collar and (1) You Left Paw Prints Print – This is a $35.00 value! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on August 12th (8/12/2017) to receive this pack of fun for cat! Open to residents in the US and Canada only. To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by DealsAmongUs via postal mail. Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Win an Assortment of Cat Toys!


89 thoughts on “Win an Assortment of Cat Toys

  1. Jennifer L.

    My cat has a catnip toy that used to look like a person but is so beat up, it just looks like a green sack but she still loves it.

  2. Melissa Storms

    We have a fishing pole type of toy with feathers on the string and my cat goes gaga over it.

  3. Catherine Lewis

    Cinnamon likes small toys with cat nip in them. But after I buy them, she hides them some place that I have never been able to find. I need more toys!

  4. John Smith

    “What is your pets favorite toy?” Some sort of feathers and a bell on a stick thing.

  5. Shelley Butcher

    My cats love the stick toy with feathers. They take turns catching the “bird”.

  6. Lisa Halladay

    My cats favourite toys are tiny catnip stuffed animals, but the also sneakily steal hair ties

  7. busyworkingmama

    My cat has a lot of toys he loves to play with that my daughter sews and stuffs with cat nip.

  8. Alison Braidwood

    I call them sparkle balls. They have a spongy centre with sparkly strands. They disappear within a day of me buying them. I’ll find them all under a dresser some day :0

  9. Arielle

    We’ve bought Corinne a mountain of cat toys and scratchers to play with and her favorite thing is an empty string attached to a stick, lol

  10. Ashley C

    Lets just put it this way… if it’s NOT a pet toy, my cats love it. Keala, the oldest, likes cardboard boxes with packing paper in it as well as hair ties. LOL. The youngest, Jayce, he is just learning about everything that is for cats and not for cats… so I haven’t seen him gravitate towards any type of toy yet.

  11. Shirleyp

    A ball, when I throw it kitkat brings it back. A doll she likes dragging around and cuddling with. Dont touch her mouse she gets upset.

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  13. Jessica Peeling

    My dog loves her dachshund toy with 12 down to 2 squeakers!

  14. Tina J

    My cat would love all of this! Especially the drumstick! I can just picture her playing with it LOL

  15. intensev5

    My cat loves a toy that has feathers on the end of a string. It has a stick on the other end so that I can swing it around for him.
    Marlene V.

  16. Victoria Scott

    As funny and strange as is it, my cat’s favorite toys are my daughter’s Troll characters LOL He carries them around like little babies in his mouth 🙂

  17. clynsg

    The kitten will play with just about anything, but there are a couple of small light up balls that she chases to exhaustion!

  18. krisha4444

    My cat really doesn’t have any toys! His favorite is cat nip toys and my daughters plastic golf balls

  19. Maridan Valor

    My cat’s loves her plastic cage ball bell toys. She’ll take one clear across the house down a couple of steps only to pick it up and carry it back to begin the game all over again.

  20. Shane A

    She likes to play with small beads and water bottle caps. Flings them up in the air and chases them. It’s so cute to watch.

  21. Darcy L Koch

    My cat’s favorite toy is a laser pen that I move all over the room and he chases.

  22. Heather D

    My cat has a few toys that he plays with. His fav thing to do though is to judge me and trip me in the mornings.

  23. Leah Shumack

    My kitties have this play mouse on a string that will make some noises when you hit it. I think it’s the 3rd one we’ve gone through because one will eventually take it off the string lol

  24. tammy ohagan

    We have 6 adopted shelter cats, all indoor cats… all very playful. They all love their Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy!! They absolutely LOVE that thing!!!

  25. Momto4 @BusyMomReviewsBlog

    My 4 kitties would have a field day with this fun bundle of toys!

  26. Trisha Musgrave

    My cats love playing with milk rings, it’s definitely their favorite toy!

  27. Daniel Scott

    Artie loves any and all balls. He becomes so excited when he receives a new one.


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