65 thoughts on “Bain de Terre: Raspberry Plum Color Enhancing Hair Care Duo Review

  1. jberry

    I’m forwarding this product review to my girlfriend. She let her daughter dye her hair, was sup to be an amber… it’s “plum”, lol.

  2. Darcy Koch

    For me.especially in the wintertime, is having too much static in my hair. I am constantly spraying it with water to tame it.

  3. Debbie F

    Frizz is my biggest hair problem especially in the summer when it gets really muggy.

  4. Tandi Cortez

    My biggest hair struggle is the frizz! It’s impossible to get rid of it!

  5. Chelle

    This shampoo/conditioner set would probably do well for me since I have some red in my natural hair.

  6. Christy Peeples DuBois

    My biggest hair struggle is it is limp without life most of the time. I do color my hair and try to take care of my color.

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  8. Dawn Monzu

    My biggest hair challenge is I color my hair and it goes right back to my gray within a couple weeks! I also have thick, straight hair! It will not do anything! lol God bless and good luck everyone!

  9. Tracy Robertson

    My biggest hair issue is keeping my color! Some women look beautiful with gray hair, but mine is probably 20% gray if left alone, and I feel like it makes me look frumpy. I color at home and within a week or so the random gray roots reappear. I’d love to try this shampoo and conditioner to see if they can help my color last a little longer. I bet it smells incredible!

  10. TheresaJenkins

    straight and fine hair …use to have a lot of hair now it is thinning

  11. Shannon

    I’m always trying to find a good shampoo that works for my hair. Its so stubborn most of the time.


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