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SizeUp – An Air Tape Measure for Android

This post was sponsored by My Size Up but this in no way will influence the post to follow and all opinions are my own.

Since becoming a home owner there are many things to consider and complete. Each day it seems more I need to know the information about sizes and measure menus in my house.If there is one struggle that I seem to always have is that I can not find my measuring tape when I need it. The one item I do have near me most days is my phone. I am always looking for ways to utilize my phone in ways that are beneficial and time-saving and with the new SizeUp by MySize application for Android, my phone becomes a tape measure.

SizeUp is a smart measuring tape for the android market. Similar to the iOS version, the application for Android is free for all new users for (30) thirty days following download.

Created my MySize Inc. a developer of smart phone measurement applications. The application enable users to instantly and accurately measure smooth or rigidly surfaced objects by placing their smartphone on one side of an object, then lifting it slightly and moving it to the other end, horizontally or vertically. by

It is easy to calibrate for improved accuracy and there is no need to clean a surface before measuring. Gaps between surfaces can also be measured and your last measurement is displayed for reference. The measurements are able to be shared and since SizeUp services a global market, measurements can be taken in either inches or centimeters.

Since I know the measurement of my counter are about 2.5 feet I decided to use that as my experiment item to measure. The first time you use the app, it will ask you to calibrate your phone (this is only about 5 steps) and once completed, you can measure.

I placed my phone on the counter and followed the instructions to move the phone across the surface. When I finished, the result to the left. I take the discrepancy of under an inch, more user error than app error. It will take a little time to get the right speed to slide the phone, but once that is done, this will be a great way to measure and, if needed, saved.

It is amazing what smart phones are capable of in these modern times and the introduction of the SizeUp by MySize for Android expands the use of my smart phone into something that even house can use.


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