30 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up: Seaside Shore Stamp Set Review

  1. Dolores Q.

    I love the variety of sealife and seashells, the sound of the waves and the way it makes me feel peace.

  2. Kim Avery

    What I love most about the ocean is the smell! Also how refreshed you feel after spending the day!

  3. Kindra

    Fun! Cute set! lol haven’t seen that one yet. Oh how I miss the beach!!!

  4. Samantha Martin

    I am such a big fan of stamps. I honestly started collecting when i was a tween 🙂 Thank you for this chance 🙂

  5. Shane A

    My favorite part about the ocean is that we still have yet to discover it all. Lots of hidden history I’m sure.

  6. Kat

    that it’s big and open, can see for miles and wonder what’s out there beyond the horizon and how far


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