26 thoughts on “Whisker Graphics: Back to School Project Giveaway

  1. Kathy E.

    You are so right about the dedication and endless work teachers give! I am now a sem-retired teacher and enjoy substitute teaching. I do love this package would enjoy making projects with it!

  2. Renee Walters

    My 6th grade teacher, Mr. Protho was my favorite. He gave me the love for Shakespeare. I have always been grateful that he introduced it into my life.

  3. Maryann D.

    I remember one teacher from first grade that I thought was so nice and seemed like a terrific mom to me! I had a lot of teachers that I really liked.

  4. Cheryl B

    I didn’t have a favorite teacher, I had many wonderful teacher, who really pushed me to work hard.

  5. Christina anne

    I did. He was my World History teacher…he was wonderful because he really went out of his way to make learning fun in his class.

  6. Christine Holliday

    My favorite teacher was Mrs MacDougall..in public school. I was so shy and she would be constantly trying to help with that. She would even walk home with me after school. She was so very kind.

  7. Cathleen King

    My favorite teacher was from 3rd grade, made me learn and memorize the multiplication table, without him, I wouldn’t be good in math throughout my school years.

  8. Linda

    I loved my eighth grade humanities teacher. Her enthusiasm for the subject really rubbed off on the students.

  9. Nicole Sender

    I had a special teacher for 1st grade. She made everyone feel special and was great at making sure all the students did the best they could.

  10. Journeys of The Zoo

    I remember most of my teachers. Miss Semple was my first grade teacher and I remember that she was so kind. Seeing my kids grade 1 teachers and how happy they are makes me think that Miss Semple must have loved her job like they do. I can’t imagine dealing with all those kids all day!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  11. Heather D

    I went to summer school one year and the teacher changed my life. He encouraged us to try new things and open our minds.

  12. Sherry Conrad

    I did not have any teachers who stand out as special, but all 4 of my girls did – and what made them special was that you could tell they cared about teaching and loved to see the kids excel.

  13. Nancy

    My favorite teacher was my high school speech and debate coach. I had her as a teacher for all four years of high school. She was talented, professional, loving and supportive of her students. She spent most weekends with us at speech and debate tournaments. She is one of the reasons I became a teacher.

  14. Jada Solomon

    So far, my favorite all time teacher whose special to me has been my art teacher from elementary school. She pushed me artistically and now I am on track pursing an art career so I appreciate her very much

  15. Valerie Mallette

    Yes, my favorite teacher was my English teacher in high school. What made her special is that she recognized how interested I was in the subject, and she really helped me develop/fine tune my writing skills. I also loved how kind she was. She was awesome!


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