Ways To Pamper Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet This Valentine’s Day + A Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is not only for humans, you can pamper and show your pet love too! Here are my 5 ways I pamper my pets this time of year!

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Here are my ideas for pampering your pet this Valentine’s Day –

Treat Them With Treats – Just like humans, pets love treats and there is no better time to give them treats than on Valentine’s Day. One of our favorites is the Temptations Treats in Dairy Flavor.

Give Them Some Grooming – The Dust & Flea Comb Attachment for my Eazee Deshedding Brush by Foolee is one of the best ways I can pamper my cats. While Murfee is more on the lesser end of fur, Maggee has dense fur that seems to always need a brushing. The time I am able to spend brushing them gives me time to bond and develop trust with them, in addition to seeing issues such as fleas or dry skin.

A Day of Rest – I will admit that I see a cat sleeping and something goes off in my head that I must wake them up! I should know better, but the adage of “let sleeping cats lie” does not apply to me. Since animals use sleep to restore, heal and replenish themselves, the best gift we can give them is rest.

Play Around With Them – Animals love to play and they love to play and use their natural instincts. Cats especially love to hunt, eat and sleep – it what they do in the wild, and it is what we should strive to do with them daily. If you have a dog, take them to the dog park and give them some catch and run time.

Respect Difference, Embrace the Pet – Animals are unique and despite two cats being raised in the same environment, we could not have two different pets. Maggee is a robust 18lbs and has outgoing personality – whenever we have visitors she is the first to investigate, and she is more dog than cat. Murfee on the other hand is more standoffish and he is much more apprehensive when people come into his environment, and he is a picky eater, and wants attention on his schedule – not ours. Despite these differences is important to note that it is their “purrsonalities” that make them the pets we love!

Remember that this is a day of love, for all creatures – 4-legged included!

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28 thoughts on “Ways To Pamper Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

  1. Jen D.

    Maddie loves me to play with her – hide-and-seek, throwing balls, laser; I really enjoy combing, petting, and having her on my lap; she likes to have some wet food mixed with her dry, so I always try to have both on hand.

  2. Nicole

    My cat loves people food. I know I shouldn’t give him any, but his favorites are green olives, pepperoni, potato chips, and almond milk ice cream

  3. Allyson Tice

    WE spoil our kitties with fish and salmon treats! we spoil our puppy by taking her for car rides and to the puppy spa!

  4. AJ T.

    Everything I do involves pampering my pets. Would a cat clean your litter box every day? I don’t think so.

  5. Sammantha D.

    I buy them lots of goodies – from their favorite treats to toys. The dogs get to go shopping and head to the dog park a couple of times a week. One of the cats enjoys shopping too – he sits in the cart and watches over what’s being bought. It’s a hoot.

  6. Maryann D.

    We have only had our cat, Willow, for a month now. She came crying at our door one cold day in December looking for a home. We are pampering her by giving her good food and we bought a few perches this month and lots of toys!

  7. paulinemilner

    Casey is definitely king of the castle! He is amazing and we pamper him in every way we can from having tons of toys to lots of love and attention. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. We sweep and vacuum up enough hair in a week to build ourselves another dog!

  8. PattiAnn Green

    I spoil them with toys and treats. Not too many treats because I don’t want them fat or sick! But they get a new toy wayyyyy too often.

  9. DB

    I spoil them by playing with them, giving them their favorite treats, and buying them new toys.

  10. clynsg

    We spoil them by letting them believe that they own us and make up to us on their own schedule.

  11. Cheryl Chervitz

    Our pets sleep with us and take up most of the bed, they get treats and lots of kisses.

  12. MeMe R

    My cat’s have custom cat scratcher’s shelves around the office and a friend of ours that has been over about 25 times finally came out and said “this is excessive for 1 tiny cat” since he’s never seen out maine coon cat. She is super shy and never comes out for anyone. Anyways, they have a lot of toys basically lol.

  13. Buddy Garrett

    We buy them treats and toys, clothing, play with them and let them take me for walks.


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