Eazee by Foolee: Dust and Flea Comb PRO70 Review

Spending More Time With Maggee and the Eazee Dust & Flea Comb Review & a Giveaway

As I have mentioned in the past, Maggee loves to be brushed. This works well for us since she has dense fur that numbers in the billions. We have a routine, and part of it is we diligently brushed her each night.

A couple of months ago a fleas infestation overtook our home, and our cats. I discovered this by taking an old flea comb and attempting to brush the fleas and dirt away. The comb I had was for an old family dog we had and it’s teeth were unevenly spaced. It worked but not nearly as efficiency or fine teethed as I would have liked. When I saw the new Eazee Deshedding Brush had a Dust & Flea Comb Attachment I wanted to try see if this could help Maggee and get those fleas!

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I received the Dust & Flea Comb Attachment for my Eazee Deshedding Brush by Foolee for Maggee and Murfee for review.

I decided to use the Dust & Flea Comb Attachment with Eazee Deshedding Brush it is as if she again knew that I had a brush for her. As I approached her she sniffed and scented the brush, and took immediate ownership.

After Maggee sniffed and scented her new fine toothed comb, I began to brush her. As I expected again, she took to it like a duck to water.

This brush is comfortable and easy to hold while remaining easy to brush through her fur. The teeth are close together and get the finest of items in the fur.

One of the important things when dealing with a comb is the removal of the fur that is removed from the cat. The Dust & Flea Comb Attachment is simple and it is easy to remove the furn from teeth.

The Eazee Deshedding Brush Dust & Flea Comb Attachment does not have any sharp edges, which is a nice concern not to have since Maggee and Murfee love to “scent” items on the edges.

With this comb i was able to dig and see what was deep in the fur. I was able to get the fleas and also discovered Maggee has a bit of dry skin.

We loved this Dust & Flea Comb Attachment and am so happy that Maggee also loved it. Murfee also liked the Eazee Deshedding Brush and seemed to love the flea comb despite his fur being much thinner than his sisters.


See what Maggee thought with our YouTube Video!


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26 thoughts on “Eazee by Foolee: Dust and Flea Comb PRO70 Review

  1. Darcy L Koch

    This would be great to have for my cat. I could use it routinely and keep him free of ticks and fleas as opposed to waiting until he is infested.

  2. Jenn fike

    i have been defeated.. We have done collars (Cheap and expensive) pills, baths, drops, powders, sprays, flea bombs… litterally, if they make it, we’ve tried it. We have some sort of super flea. We’ve done everything individually then when they didnt work we just did it all at once. when we came back to the house… FLEAS!

  3. Jen D

    I have a similar flea comb that works well, but also find that brushing in general can bring them up. We just took in a stray cat and took her to the vet for a checkup. She’s been treated for fleas with Frontline and I’ll continue using it once a month for the next few months. I’m treating our dog, too, since I’m concerned she’ll pick some up from the cat.

  4. Victoria Scott

    We have been battling fleas for a few weeks. We’ve been spraying, bombing, washing the kitty once a week, and vacuuming like crazy. This would be great to get the dead ones out!

  5. Mickie

    I use tea tree oil shampoo followed by tea tree oil and coconut oil throughout the month. I avoid big name flea preventatives!

  6. Maria Appleby

    Occasional bathing, flea combing, Advantage Drops if needed, and keep kitties indoors.

  7. busyworkingmama

    My cat is an indoor cat so we don’t have that issue but we’re considering letting him out occasionally.

  8. Kim Cowgar

    I use frontline on both of our cats. They are are mainly indoor but I will take one out occasionally on his harness/leash. The other just doesn’t like the outside

  9. Carla Sue Thompson

    Fleas have been terrible here from late July until it finally frosted The fleas were in the backyard in the grass where they never were before. I couldn’t even let the dogs out back. They got in the basement again & upstairs. I didn’t want to use a bunch of chemicals, so I was trying to use diamatatious (probably spelled that wrong) earth dust, finally tried bombs, which barely did anything, spray, Frontline (which didn’t help much), bath with the Dawn/vinegar/water solution which killed fleas immediately but didn’t keep them off. Still have some around. Sigh.

  10. Michelle Catallo

    Frontline but, I don’t like using it due to chemicals, tea tree oil, collars, shampoos, lice comb (hey, it’s what I happen to have in my house). I have two dogs and a cat; any fleas they get is because of my nasty neighbor’s yard 🙁 It’s a non-stop battle. The neighbors on the other side of her, sent their dogs down to Mexico to their property permanently because of the flea problem 🙁

  11. donna porter

    I use Frontline but it does not do the job as well as it should. I need a back up and this looks like it would do the trick.


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