Unboxing The Bizarre Monthly Box: May 2017

Unboxing the Bizarre – May 2017 Subscription Review

One of my favorite activities is browsing social media, I love to see what companies are releasing and featuring. Last year, I noticed a new box enter my feed and I was curious. The box celebrates the often overlooked, but equally celebratory holidays that you may otherwise overlook. For the past year or so I have seen the box and the holidays, and always have wanted to opportunity to get my own holiday box.

My wish came true this month, just in time for Star Wars Day (May 4th) with the receipt of the May 2017 Unboxing the Bizarre Box. Each month this box has 4 items that relate to 4 holidays that otherwise may be overlooked. Past holidays featured have been “Hug Your Cat Day”, “Fire Prevention Day” and “Mad Hatter Day” to name a few. I was eager to see what holidays would be featured in the May Box.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Unboxing the Bizarre. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received the May Unboxing the Bizarre box which was taped with gummy bear themed duct tape. I have to say that knowing they used a colorful duct tape for the outside, gave me hope for the inside.

Sea-Quarium: In celebrations of National Sea Monkey Day (May 16th) which began in 1957. When I saw this item, I was so excited since I had never had the opportunity to have my own eco-system. The basic idea behind this is that after adding the gravel and the sand, and eggs, I will have my own Sea-Saurus collection – what shall I name them all?

Star Wars – Kylo Ren Lunch Box: In celebration of Star Wars Day (May 4th) and began in 1977. This is a tin lunch box that has a nice buckle clasp, and a red handle. This is a Kylo Ren lunch box, the leader of the First Order in the Force Awakens, and is perfect for a collection or daily use.

Get Well Bear with Candy and Balloon: In celebration of School Nurses Day (May 10th) which began in 1972. I mention often about timing, and this get well bear is coming at the perfect time. My father recently had surgery, and has to go in again soon, so this will make the perfect pick me up!

Emoji Solar Jiggler – Orange and Green: In celebration of Skin Cancer Prevention Day (May 26th) which is the Friday before Memorial Day each year. These are solar (sun) charged emoticon faced jiggling flowers. The minute I took these out of the packages and on the ledge, they began to dance. I plan to put them on my patio table, since it gets a stream of sun while remaining away from water and damage. Plus I can see them from my kitchen, which is sure to bring a smile.

Unboxing the Bizarre is a box that is appropriate for all ages, and each month celebrates 4 different weird, wacky, and offbeat holidays for the upcoming month. Also included is an information card that includes some brief trivia about the holiday and some interesting suggestions on ways you can celebrate.

When you subscribe you will be asked your t-shirt size ranging in adult small all the way to 2XL. The subscription terms range from month to month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 months.

I love the concept and while the card explaining the holidays was missing, I will have to discover the holidays as they approach. Other than the explanation card missing, this box was a fun box to get, and I loved being able to celebrate the 4th appropriately.

If you are looking for a fun, different and all around unique box, Unboxing the Bizarre is the box you want. This would make a GREAT gift for someone who appreciates the under celebrated holidays!

UPDATE: I was able to get the cards via email and discovered the holidays each item represents, which I have noted with each item above.



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