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YogDev: Yoga Mat Review

YogDev: Yoga Mat Review + Giveaway

The practice of yoga requires few supplies, in addition to an open mind, and one of those things is a soft base to practice on, while feeling safe.

One of the best things to use is a high quality, color soothing yoga mat. When I received the Yoga Mat from YogDev, it matched every quality I was looking for, as well as a couple I was not.

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YogDev: Hot Yoga Towel Review

YogDev: Hot Yoga Towel Review + Giveaway

If there is one thing I have learned as I have gotten older is that not all towels are built the same way.

When you are doing yoga, your towel needs are different than you would after a shower. After a shower, you want a plush towel that will engulf you in warmth.

When you are in the middle of a yoga session, you want a soft towel this moisture wicking. When I received the Hot Yoga Towel from YogDev, it is those qualities that immediately got my attention and made me eager to review it.

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YogDev: Yoga Wheel Review

YogDev: Yoga Wheel Review + Giveaway

yoga-dev-yoga-wheelThere is something I have noticed as I have aged – I get lower back pain more often than I would like. While I am yet to isolate the issue, I think it is the way I sit and the way I sleep at night. After a certain time in one position I find that I have a lower back pain.The one thing that helps is stretching the lower back, but getting the right angle and the right stretch can be difficult.

Since this seems to be more of problem with more natural solutions needed to solve, I have begun looking for alternatives and items that will help me optimize my stretch and my lower back.

I often mention that timing is everything and when I was recently approached by YogDev about their Yoga Wheel I thought outside the box and gave it a try for my sore back.

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