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Auromere Incense Review

Auromere: Flowers & Spice Incense Review and Giveaway

Auromere Incense Sampler packWhen I was a teenager many of my friends burned incense. I on the other hand did not know what these smelly sticks were, so I erred on the side of caution. As I got older, and presumably wiser, I realized that these sticks were simply a simple way to make your environment smell better. Now that I am firmly in my 4th decade of life I realize that these sticks can have some mental and physical benefits.

When I was recently at the Natural Products Expo and as I was walking around and I came upon Auromere’s booth and was halted by the wonderful smelling products that included not only personal care items such as shampoo’s, toothpaste’s as well as the incense I received after the show for review.

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