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Smith & Vandiver Review

Smith & Vandiver: Aromatherapaes and Spa…ah Review and Giveaway

Smith and VandeverI have never been the kind of girl who feels the need to pamper themselves. I have never had a true spa day, and have only had a handful of manicures in my lifetime.

Honestly one of the reasons for this lack of pampering is that I feel as though I can do just as good of a job in the comfort of my own home. The way I have always seen it is if you can find a relaxing aromatherapy, a pampering body wash and the right candles you can recreate the spa experience.

While I was attending the Natural Products Expo, about 8 hours into walking I began dreaming of a relaxing experience to ease my tired bones. When I reached the Smith & Vandiver booth I was dreaming of the relaxing possibilities with their products.

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Whole Note Food Company Mixes Review

Whole Note Baking Mixes – Review and Giveaway

Whole Note FoodsI am on a forever quest for a good gluten-free baking mix and so far my journey has showed me the best and the worst that the gluten-free world has to offer.

One of the best places to discover the best of the best is the Natural Products Expo. Each year the gluten-free and natural product companies gather to show retailers, buyers and writers/bloggers their newest offerings.

Once such company that was a company presenting their products was Whole Note Food Company based in Katy, Texas.

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The Healing Tree Soap and Candle Review

The Healing Tree: Soap and Candle Review

The Healing Tree Candle and SoapI have noticed a trend recently, the use of charcoal in soap. Now on the first thought, it is a question as to why you would want to use something that is an ashy black residue that usually contains ash. Despite charcoals apparent downsides, these are really upsides. Read further to let me explain further.

The use of charcoal has many benefits including removing dangerous toxins from your body, reduces the appearance of acne and can remove the dead skin that can cause skin problems.

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SoapBox Soaps Review

SoapBox Soaps Review and Giveaway

SoapBox VarietyIt has been mentioned in the past that while I am a girl, I am not a girly girl. There is one area where that is an exception and that is soaps and body washes.

I love different body washes and soaps and I fear that I am becoming a bit of a collector. When I was a teenager the bathroom I used had a 3 foot tile “seat” that served as a staging spot for my myriad of shampoos, conditioners, bubble bathes and body washes. I remember my friends loved coming to my house because it was never the same assortment on display and they always used something different.

Since I went to Natural Products Expo I was on the search for a natural and pure versions of the things that I love. As I was walking around I came upon SoapBox Soaps. SoapBox Soaps is a company that is a small but making a big impact.

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Dr. Jacobs Naturals Review

Dr. Jacobs Naturals – Liquid Soap Review and Giveaway

Dr. Jacobs Naturals ProductsAbout 20 years ago I was suffering from some severe skin issues. This was very out of the realm of normal for me since I had made it through puberty with little acne, but plenty of awkwardness.

I was truly at a loss as to how to handle this new physical curve ball I had been dealt when my father offhandedly suggested that I try castile soap. As I went to the local drug store I was filled with a mix of excitement and trepidation – what if this literally made my problem worse. I purchased the bar and when home to see if this was the answer i needed. After about 3 days I had my answer – my skin was totally clear!

I questioned my father how he had this profound piece of knowledge, and asked if other people knew this secret. It was with a small chuckle and a exhale that he broke the news that, yes people did know about this miracle bar.

As I aged I have found the acne I get is more related to the food I eat and my current stress levels, and because of this I am a fan of castile soap now more than ever. One of my priorities when I attended the Natural Products Expo was to look for more castile soap based soaps. As I came upon Dr. Jacob Naturals I knew I wanted to sample and try their soaps.

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