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Savannah Bee: Honey Lavender Bar Soap Review

Savannah Bee: Honey Lavender Handmade Bar Soap Review and Giveaway

Savannah Bee SoapRegular readers will know that I love soap and I love honey. The uses for honey products are as vast as they are amazing. There is medicinal honey which helps wounds and various injuries and there is food grade honey that is used in many popular recipes. Honey can be used on sore throats, burns, and bacterial infections.

My personal favorite use of honey is in soap. Honey is naturally an anti-microbial and when added to soap this makes the soap also anti-microbial. The other natural benefit of honey is that it is a humectant which basically means it retains and attracts moisture in the hair and skin.

I had the chance last year to review a couple of items by Savannah Bee Company and loved them. I was curious to try some more of their products and they were generous to send us a couple of products to review.

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Smith & Vandiver Review

Smith & Vandiver: Aromatherapaes and Spa…ah Review and Giveaway

Smith and VandeverI have never been the kind of girl who feels the need to pamper themselves. I have never had a true spa day, and have only had a handful of manicures in my lifetime.

Honestly one of the reasons for this lack of pampering is that I feel as though I can do just as good of a job in the comfort of my own home. The way I have always seen it is if you can find a relaxing aromatherapy, a pampering body wash and the right candles you can recreate the spa experience.

While I was attending the Natural Products Expo, about 8 hours into walking I began dreaming of a relaxing experience to ease my tired bones. When I reached the Smith & Vandiver booth I was dreaming of the relaxing possibilities with their products.

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Good Earth Beauty – Sugar Body Scrub Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty: Sugar Body Scrub Giveaway

Cherry BlossomAs much as I love sugar, I have never stopped to think that it might have other purposes that extend beyond baking and cooking. The amazing thing about sugar is that for as sweet as it is, it is just as effective as an exfoliation tool.

I recently was sent a new item from Good Earth Beauty that is called Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub and you also have an opportunity to win one for you to try!

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Udderly Naked Goat Milk Soap Spring 2016 Giveaway!


Spring 2016 GW 1The town I live in is a tourist destination and in the summer months the locals leave to make way for seasonal tourist rentals. I happen to live close to a small business – a donut shop. The owner is nice man, and he knows his locals and says hello every customer.

I love smaller businesses and I believe that in this constant evolving economy it is the small business owner that will keep our country innovative. One of my favorite things about being a review blogger is the ability to highlight these innovative and creative companies.

In April of 2015 I had the opportunity to review Udderly Naked Goat Milk Soap and instantly fell in like with this company, so I am thrilled to be able to offer you a Spring giveaway!

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Udderly Naked Valentine’s Day 2016 Giveaway


Udderly Naked Valentines GWWith Valentines Day approaching there are few things as personal as homemade soaps and body lotions. In honor of this approaching day of love we are giving away a love themed assortment of body products. I had the opportunity to review Udderly Naked Goat Milk Soap back in April.

Udderly Naked Goat Milk Soap is generously offered to giveaway the following Valentines Day themed pack including Wine & Roses Soap, Love Me Tender 4 oz Goat Milk Lotion, Passionate Pink Lip Balm, 4 Bath Truffles in lavender/lemongrass & ylang-ylang grapefruit & benzoin.

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Udderly Naked Goat Milk Soap Holiday 2015 Giveaway!


Udderly Naked Goat Milk Soap Instagram TeaserI have mentioned that I love artisan soap and this soap is no different. I had the opportunity to review Udderly Naked Goat Milk Soap back in April. Since April I have been swapping this out on a rotating basis with other soaps and love it each time I use it!

I am also happy to share with you all that Udderly Naked’s Pumpkin Pie Soap recently won the Best in Show at the American Dairy Goat Association’s bath competition show – so help me in congratulating Wendy and Udderly Naked Goat Milk Soap!

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Savannah Bee Company Review

Savannah Bee Company Review and Giveaway

All 4 items Savannah Bee CompanyI am a fan of honey- the best is when at the bottom of hot tea the hunk of honey! My father swears by Manuka honey from everything from scratches to burns. Jason and I are much more skeptical and tend to buck against fads and the like, which honey tends to fall into. The reality is that once I began looking at all the things that honey can be used for, I am left wondering if there is anything that honey can NOT do?

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Sierra Nevada Soap Company Review

Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Sierra Nevada Soap Company.

Sierra Nevada Soap Company Review and Giveaway

Sierra Nevada Soap Company
I originally came across Sierra Nevada Soap Company in the May Escape Monthly box (see review here). At that time I received the Rosemary Lavender and mentioned that it was the first thing in the box that I smelled. After this initial introduction I was curious if other soaps smelled as good so I reached out to the company and had the chance to review a couple more bars.

First thing I have to say is that I am happy to say that the smell the first time was not an anomole – it turns out other soaps by Sierra Nevada Soap Company smell just as good. I had the opportunity to review Lemongrass, Lemon Mint, Hawaiian Sea Salt and California Orange. I can not tell you which smelled the best because they all were beyond my expectations. On the back of each wrapper is not only the name of the scent, but also an inspiration quote.

All of Sierra Nevada Soap Companies soaps are made with fresh dried herbs and essential oils. Lye is never used, only 100% vegetable oils are contained in the soaps. Animals fats are not used and the scent with essential oils, color with fresh herbs and plant extracts – just pure ingredients.

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Evolution of Smooth – Lip Balm and Shave Cream – Review

 Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Evolution of Smooth/Behrman PR. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Evolution of Smooth - Lip Balm and Shave CreamEvolution of Smooth – Lip Balm and Shave Cream – Review

I am a color girl, I love things with color. This love of spectrum of color extends from my knife set we use daily, to the clothes I wear and the bottles of the products I use. Generally speaking I am always open to trying new items, and believe that each item I sample could be my next “must have”.

I have noticed Evolution of Smooth in the local drugstore for a couple of years now, due to the bright colors they use for packaging. I love the color but what is inside is more important and I always wondered if they were as good as I had read and heard over the years. In pursuit of my quest to find the answer to this question I reached out to EOS (Evolution of Smooth) for a sample. I was given the chance to review the following products.

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