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Newman’s Own Product Review

Newman’s Own Organic: Product Review and Giveaway

Newmans Own Blogger BoxI have a confession – before I started this blog I had an aversion to “organic” products. I believed that they were somehow inferior to their non-organic counterparts. Through the past 12 month of blogging I have discovered that there is nothing “inferior” or “less” about organic products. In fact, many times the thing that makes a product stand out from competitors.

Back about 7 years ago I went to the San Diego Zoo with my now husbands sisters. This was very exciting, as the plan was to drop Jason off at work and meet up with sister #1 at the local park and ride. The plan was to ride with sister #1, and meet up with sister #2 and have lunch and walk around the San Diego Zoo. The first stop was lunch, as none of the accompanying children had eaten yet. The 3 of us had all brought lunch, and sister #2 had brought a bag of “Newman’s O’s” to share with us all. At the time I politely declined because I was happy with my non organic chocolate creme cookies.

Since that day I have gotten to know both my sister-in-laws much better and not only are they wonderful mothers, and family members but they also know their food. Prior to meeting these two, I had not really considered reading the ingredients of packaging. I learned early on that to be in this family, label reading and ingredient awareness matters. This is not a negative in any way, but rather a way that all mothers should adopt.

A brand that was brought to my attention as a good positive company was Newman’s Own Organic. While I was a little bewildered and confused as to why she was such a fan, as soon as I began reading on my own, I realized that Newman’s Own goodness extends beyond just food and into the charitable world.

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