55 thoughts on “Taffy Town: Sassy (Sour) Watermelon Taffy Review

  1. Darcy L Koch

    I celebrated by having one last BBQ for friends and family. It was in the early evening so when it was dark we all played Hide N Go Seek.

  2. Peggy

    I live in the area where it is still Summer. It will be in the 90s all week. But when it does cool off, we start having bonfires.

  3. karley moore

    We always have everybody over for a big cookout and swim party. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Sandy Klocinski

    I spent an afternoon ALONE! Laid on the couch in my underwear, ate a bunch of food that I didn’t have to share with anyone, and caught up on Real Housewives. It was amazing!!

  5. jennifer bowen

    well i really did not have a party or any thing to end out my summer this year but there always next year

  6. Tracy Robertson

    Hopefully Summer isn’t over yet! It’s been cold the last few days but we usually get lots of warm days through October. I celebrated my birthday the other day, which is pretty much at the official end of Summer.

  7. clynsg

    Summer is still with us here–temps in the 90s this past week. There is normally a gradual change, so except for pulling out slightly warmer clothing, there is no ‘celebration’.

  8. Ellen Beck

    How did you celebrate the end of summer?

    I dont do a whole lot of celebrating more preparing for winter- putting the garden to bed, canning and freezing things like that.

  9. Cheryl Chervitz

    We didn’t do much for the end of summer. Just enjoying the cooler weather.

  10. Heather A.E.

    Since we live in the Southwest, it still feels like summer. Once it gets cooler out, we’ll probably celebrate with a BBQ or outdoor pot luck. Can’t wait for it to stop being so hot outside!

  11. Leah Shumack

    We went on a big road trip! 9 states. 3,000 miles on the car. 12 days of mountains, beach and fun!


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