3 thoughts on “Starting 2019 with “Intention and Execution”

  1. Peggy Nunn

    Reading your resolutions sounds like I could have written most of them too. I am really trying to finish what I start. There are so many crafts in my craft room that I have started and not finished. I think maybe I will get my granddaughters to work on some as they visit. They love doing things like that. Good luck with keeping up with the execution of those great intentions.

  2. ellen beck

    Ha! I used to say I can’t die I have too many crafts to finish. No kidding, I am a quilter and for a while I collected featherweights before they became trendy Add the patterns , templates and FABRIC I could start a small outlet.

    I think my word would be PERSISTENT. We have faced a lot too, and I have had to advocate for m husband so very much . If I could choose 3 which would be easier it would be the Marine unofficial of adapt overcome improvise. .

    I hope to see you enjoy the snow- it is pretty for a few days 🙂 I could send you a snowball ya know.I hope you get to explore the beautiful state you are in. Roadtrips are great.

    I am also so happy (still) fo you an Meadow.

    I am also hoping your husband is doing well. Pardon me fr not ‘talking’ much my plate has been ful and still is.But I read all your posts and think of you both often.


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