Starting 2019 with “Intention and Execution”

2019: The Year of “INTENTION and EXECUTION”

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Another year has come and gone – granted my 2018 was NOTHING like I expected and ended like it began, quiet.

In previous years I have never really made “resolutions” when the new year comes. There are a couple reasons for this, one being I am never able to keep them going and by February, I have all but forgotten them.

Since so much has changed in my life – different house, taking over care of Meadow (the dog) and loosing my father, who was my best friend, I decided to make this year different.

I decided to choose a word that will define this coming year – Intention. Why did I chose this word of all the millions of words out there? The answer is actually quite simple – I always “intend” to do things such as crafts, travel, blogging, seeing friends and family but it never happens. My intention is there, with a lack of execution. In the back of my mind I wish to do these things but I just do not get there.

So, for 2019 I decided that INTENTION & EXECUTION would be the goal.

I not only “intend” to do all those things, but also “execute” them. Let me give you some examples of things i plan to do this year –

– TRAVEL – My whole life I have wanted to travel, not only in California but also to other countries. I have been to Thailand and that was just about the most eye-opening experience of my life which I believe is important for our personal growth. Despite living in California my entire adult life, there are many things I have not seen such as snow in the mountains, as well as Northern California and I would like to see these places. So, this year I will pack up the Subaru and go on adventures and see this state I have lived in the past 35 years. Also, I have a special trip planned this year that I will share with you!

– CRAFTS – The amount of craft supplies I have would allow me to open a small store. I have a habit of purchasing craft items with the intention (see there is that word again) of completing something great, but it just never happens. I end up seeing something else I want to do, and then the first project gets abandoned, and the cycle continues. This year I will finish what I start and even finish the projects that have varying percentages remaining.

– HEALTHY EATING – As I walk through the store each week, I see items that look tasty. I purchase them, I bring them home and sadly they usually die a painful death in the fridge. I would love to cook myself a vegetable based meal with the beautiful produce that California offers. This year I will start to expand my cooking to include vegetables and healthy snacks.

– COOKING – It seems as though each time I attempt to cook the smoke alarm goes off. I do not think that this is for lack of trying but rather a lack of the knowledge of the application of heat. This year I plan to not only learn to cook, but also use my InstaPot more – there are thousands of things that can be made with one of these and this year I plan to discover them.

– WALKING – Ever since I took over care of Meadow, I do anywhere from 2-5 miles a day walks with her. Each day we take two walks – her AM walk is much more for her to go out after a long night, and her PM walk is to burn that energy she has for the night ahead. She goes out in between those times, but these are the “walks”. This year I would love to do a charity walk with her, she is getting used to the distance walks and this would be a great way to give back while bonding with her.

– READING – When I was younger there was nothing better than a good book, and recently i went to the book store and rediscovered my love of the written word. I “intend” to read more this year, support the book companies via hard copy or kindle versions and devote some time in the evenings to reading, instead of watching TV. This trip I got a couple of books including the Game Shows FAQ, which is a history of game shows and a great introduction to game shows.

This year I plan to share more recipes with you, the books I am reading, the crafts I am doing and the adventures I go on. I plan on sharing more of “me” with you while keeping the reviews and giveaways. I will also share ways to save money, as well as my favorite ways to save money.

I know life gets in the way, but I think laying out a set of goals at the beginning of a new year can be beneficial. It is funny, now that I read those they sure do seem like resolutions tied to a concept.

My “intention” is to share each of these with you, we will see if the “execution” is there.

If you had to choose a word for the year ahead what would it be?


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3 thoughts on “Starting 2019 with “Intention and Execution”

  1. Peggy Nunn

    Reading your resolutions sounds like I could have written most of them too. I am really trying to finish what I start. There are so many crafts in my craft room that I have started and not finished. I think maybe I will get my granddaughters to work on some as they visit. They love doing things like that. Good luck with keeping up with the execution of those great intentions.

  2. ellen beck

    Ha! I used to say I can’t die I have too many crafts to finish. No kidding, I am a quilter and for a while I collected featherweights before they became trendy Add the patterns , templates and FABRIC I could start a small outlet.

    I think my word would be PERSISTENT. We have faced a lot too, and I have had to advocate for m husband so very much . If I could choose 3 which would be easier it would be the Marine unofficial of adapt overcome improvise. .

    I hope to see you enjoy the snow- it is pretty for a few days 🙂 I could send you a snowball ya know.I hope you get to explore the beautiful state you are in. Roadtrips are great.

    I am also so happy (still) fo you an Meadow.

    I am also hoping your husband is doing well. Pardon me fr not ‘talking’ much my plate has been ful and still is.But I read all your posts and think of you both often.


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