Stampin’ Up: Love Today Planner Review

Keep Love on the Schedule – Love Today Planner by Stampin’ Up Review + Giveaway

There are busy days ahead, there is no doubt – the school season has returned. With this new year comes appointments, meetings, carpools, assignments due and somehow finding time for you to breathe.

One of the biggest struggles is keeping all these dates and schedules straight. I have tried to make sticky notes in strategic places that I know I will see. These fall and inevitably end up doing nothing more than assisting me in forgetting the event. I have tried phone reminders but I end up “snoozing” those, and before I know it, I have snoozed through another event. There is one method that helps me keep events and dates in order – a nice planner. I am a simple gal and need a calendar, room to write events and places to put random pieces of paper.

A couple of years ago my favorite planner finally had met it’s fateful end while I was sad, I never anticipated that it would be so difficult to replace. Ever since I had that loss I have been on a search for an adequate replacement. When I saw the new Love Today Planner Kit by Stampin’ Up it was the closest thing to my beloved planner.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Stampin’ Up, but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received the Love Today Planner Kit by Stampin’ Up for use and implementation into my life.

One important key in any planner that I chose, I have to be able to store papers and notes inside. The other important key is it has to look nice, and be of an appropriate size for storage in my bag when I am on the go.

When I received the Love Today Planner Kit by Stampin’ Up it was the perfect combination of style, size and usability. The Love Today Planner Kit by Stampin’ Up  is an all-inclusive kit that has everything you need to create a customizable yearly planner including –

  • Night of Navy 2-ring Binder
  • 12 Divider Pages with Months Labeled
  • Blank Calendar Pages with Space for Dates and Notes
  • 4 Photo Protector Pages (hold six photos each)
  • 1 Pocket Page
  • Page Lifter 3″” x 8-1/4″” (7.6 x 21 cm
  • Printed and Gold Foil Accent Stickers
  • Sticky Notes

There are so many small details that make the Love Today Planner Kit unique and completely customizable for your purposes.

The planner comes with dividers for each month and space on the opposite side to place the dates of the corresponding month. Each month’s divider is colorful and a different floral design.

The individual pages have enough space to write the date, and make notes about what needs to be remembered.

Also included is a pocket that is big enough to store notes, tickets or any other loose papers you may need. If a smaller thinner pocket is needed, also included is a smaller pocket that also is pre-punched with holes, so the pocket’s can be inserted where you need them.

One of my favorite parts of this is the added stickers included. There are a couple of pages of gold stickers and a couple of sheets of stickers that will help you remember important dates. Also included are 3 packs of coordinated sticky notes. Also included is a clear pocket that has

From the front cover to the back cover, I love this kit! With refills available, I can use this Love Today Planner Kit each year and just save the pages. This would be a great planner for student starting college, a busy mom or anyone else who wants a good-looking planner that they can customize.


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GIVEAWAY: Stampin’ Up is offering a Love Today Planner Kit to my readers! (1) reader will receive a Love Today Planner Kit that will include the following items: (1) Night of Navy 2-ring binder, (12) divider pages, calendar pages, (4) photo protector pages, 5″” x 7″”, page lifter, printed and gold foil accent stickers and 3 stacks of sticky notes. – Item #144257. Open to residents in the US only. This is a $37.00 value! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on September 8th (9/8/2017) to receive this love filled planner!! To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by Stampin’ Up! Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

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46 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up: Love Today Planner Review

  1. Peggy

    I keep track on a paper calendar and in my computer email system to send me reminders. I like the paper calendar better. I am a visual person.

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  3. John Smith

    How do I keep track of important dates? I either remember them unaided, or write them down!

  4. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I write important items down on pieces of paper here and there and can never find the one I’m looking for. I would suggest NOT to do this. I decided I need a planner. Next I am deciding which one to get.

  5. JEN D

    I use my plain black planner that I bought from Walmart…the price was right but I do wish I would have bought something nicer.

  6. Wendy R.

    I use a calendar and a personal planner. Really enjoying all of the fun planner stuff out there right now!

  7. Darcy L Koch

    To start, as soon as I make an appt or want to remember any upcoming activity, I write it on the calendar. Plus, each wkend. I write down what is going on the following week day by day and check it each morning.

  8. ncjeepster

    I write in a notebook, but it’s so hard to keep up with everything. I have to go back and look for what I put down. Then a family member needs a piece of paper quickly and grabs the top piece, nevermind there is writing on it When I try to find that piece of paper it’s like it vanished into thin air.

  9. Ronda Patrick

    I’m currently printing a monthly schedule and leaving it sit on the desk to fill out!

  10. Cyndie Walls

    Great review! Awesome Giveaway! I would love to try this Love Today Planner Kit! So many things included in the kit to keep me organized. Organization is the key to a better lifestyle! Great company for designing these products!👍

  11. Teresa Russo

    This looks amazing! I have a bullet journal but have been meaning to try something new.

  12. Buddy Garrett

    I don’t I write them down and then forget about them. I have forgotten elections, doctor appointments, etc.


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