46 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up: Love Today Planner Review

  1. Peggy

    I keep track on a paper calendar and in my computer email system to send me reminders. I like the paper calendar better. I am a visual person.

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  3. John Smith

    How do I keep track of important dates? I either remember them unaided, or write them down!

  4. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I write important items down on pieces of paper here and there and can never find the one I’m looking for. I would suggest NOT to do this. I decided I need a planner. Next I am deciding which one to get.

  5. JEN D

    I use my plain black planner that I bought from Walmart…the price was right but I do wish I would have bought something nicer.

  6. Wendy R.

    I use a calendar and a personal planner. Really enjoying all of the fun planner stuff out there right now!

  7. Darcy L Koch

    To start, as soon as I make an appt or want to remember any upcoming activity, I write it on the calendar. Plus, each wkend. I write down what is going on the following week day by day and check it each morning.

  8. ncjeepster

    I write in a notebook, but it’s so hard to keep up with everything. I have to go back and look for what I put down. Then a family member needs a piece of paper quickly and grabs the top piece, nevermind there is writing on it When I try to find that piece of paper it’s like it vanished into thin air.

  9. Ronda Patrick

    I’m currently printing a monthly schedule and leaving it sit on the desk to fill out!

  10. Cyndie Walls

    Great review! Awesome Giveaway! I would love to try this Love Today Planner Kit! So many things included in the kit to keep me organized. Organization is the key to a better lifestyle! Great company for designing these products!👍

  11. Teresa Russo

    This looks amazing! I have a bullet journal but have been meaning to try something new.

  12. Buddy Garrett

    I don’t I write them down and then forget about them. I have forgotten elections, doctor appointments, etc.


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