74 thoughts on “Go Back to School with Namaste Foods Giveaway

  1. Christina A.

    Ours is often baked chicken tenders or pasta with marinara and parmesan when we are short on time!

  2. Calvin F.

    Usually some rice, steamed eggs and veggies. I have some prepared cook food I get once in a while at the store as well.

  3. Sarah Pralet

    Pasta with leftovers is a great way to enjoy dinner & to not waste what’s in the fridge!

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  5. Lisa V.

    My go-to dinner is shredded roast beef or pork (made with leftover roast beef or pork) with barbeque sauce. I’ts easy and tasty and makes great use of leftover roast beef or pork that’s been in the freezer or fridge.

  6. JEN D

    I have a variety of dishes that I make: goulash, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, beans and franks, chili…then meals like chicken, fish, beef or pork with potatoes and veggies/salad.

  7. Rachel Nelson

    I keep meatballs in the freezer, so that I can always make spaghetti and meatballs if we are in a rush!

  8. Shane A

    We’ve always enjoyed some form of Olive Garden inspired pasta dishes. There are a ton of great copycat recipes.

  9. Jae Park

    My go-to dinner on weeknights is usually slow cooker meals like BBQ pulled pork or slow cooker beef with salsa for burritos. Thanks!

  10. willitara

    During summer my go to dinner is stir fry with fresh veggies. In the winter it is usually something from my slow cooker.


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