Stampin’ Up: Birthday Bright Project Kit Review

Stampin’ Up – Birthday Bright Project Kit Review + Giveaway

When I was young I knew my now husband since we were friends and hung around the same social circle. At the time I considered him my best male friend, yet there was one thing about him I did not know – he is from a large family. Now when I say a large family, I am not kidding – just his immediate family of sisters, parents and us there are 13 of us. That is starting from 5 people to 13 now, and this is not uncommon as you dig further into his extended family. The most people in one branch of the not to extended family rings in at 16 people with what started with 6 people.

Since there are so many people, and it seems to be constantly growing, there are many events, birthdays and moments to celebrate. Given the fact that there are so many special occasions, the need for cards is constant and ever-expanding.

The fact is that as much as we want to personally celebrate each individual achievement, birth, wedding, anniversary or seasonal holiday, it is impossible with a family of over 50 people and that is just in town! Card’s are simple easy sentiment’s that can be sent anytime, and for almost any occasion. With a simple card, the recipient knows we are thinking of them even if we can not attend, so when I got the Birthday Bright Project Kit I was able to make some cute cards, and stash them for the celebrations ahead.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Stampin’ Up, but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

The Birthday Bright Project Kit allows you to make 12 cards, – 4 each of 3 different designs. Also is the materials to make 12 gift tags which is 4 each of 3 different designs.

The following items are included in the kit:Kit includes
* 12 card bases
* 12 white envelopes
* 12 gift tags
* White cardstock elements, solid and die cut
* Silver foil and silver glimmer paper die-cut elements
* Cotton paper fringe
* Solid Whisper White Baker’s Twine
* Enamel shapes
* 4 black mini bows
* 4 black mini clothespins
* Acetate sheets
* Confetti
* 4 Watermelon Wonder honeycomb circles
* Envelope address stencil
* Dimensional foam strips
* Cute 9″ x 9″ x 3-1/2″ (22.9 x 22.9 x 8.9 cm) storage box

The stamp set included is versatile and are appropriate for almost every occasion. The Birthday Bright Photopolymer Stamp Set is a 1 sheet set that is really birthday centric, and includes almost any sentiment that you want to convey for the special day.

I keep my recommendation that to keep stamp cleanup easy the use of baby wipes can be used to clean the surface of the stamps. When you use the black ink it is important to note that the ink does have a tendency to stay on the stamp. The wipes do seem to clean the stamps of the residual ink that is inevitably left on the stamp.

Since the kit is birthday centered the cards are perfect and contain confetti, The cards are a combination of areas to stamp sentiments and a birthday image, which when put together creates a personalized hand-made card. Also included are various embellishments that make the card unique and the cards allow for your own creativity to take flight.

I created one each of the items in the kit and plan to create the rest of them differently when I know the occasion that I am sending the card for.

The instructions were simple and I was able to follow along, and appreciated the tips included in the instructions. The Birthday Bright Project Kit allows for creativity, and the ability to make each item different despite it being in one kit. If I had one suggestion, it would be to put the color images on a page opposite the instructions, so that they can be used a visual reference.

As with many handmade items it does take some time to create the cards and tags but the time is well spent. Included in this kit is a handy envelope address stencil, which I had never had the opportunity to use before. I have to say I loved the result of how the address looked, and I am not sure I will address a card without it again. I immediately extracted this from the kit and put it in a place where it will be used when cards do go out – it made addressing envelopes easy, and even looking. 

I loved the Birthday Bright Project Kit and this would be a perfect collection of cards for birthdays as well as coordinating tags for any gifts that might accompany those cards.

If you want a good-looking kit that has what you need to create the perfect tags and cards, the Birthday Bright Project Kit is the kit you have been looking for!


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  1. Catherine Lewis

    I loved being 35. I was independent, had just gotten out of a bad marriage, and took care of myself and my 2 little boys. Today, they both have great jobs and wonderful families! I must have done something right!

  2. paige chandler

    My favorite age was 18. College, boys, the world at my feet, Ahhhhhh

  3. Rhiannon Rowland

    My early 20’s were the best. Around 22, 23. My children were small, things were good.

  4. Shelley P

    I love the confetti card 🙂 My most memorable age was when I was 12 and I got my very first pet hamster. I also got my very first piece of gold jewelry which my two sisters chipped in to get me.

  5. Dawn Monzu

    I loved age 18!! I was pretty, and to be honest…I kinda knew it! lol I wasn’t conceited, I just loved myself. I had the world at my fingertips. It was such a fun age…I’m 49 now, and boy have I learned A LOT! haha God bless and good luck everyone! By the way, I used to sell Stampin’Up! products! I loved doing it!

  6. Karen

    I loved when I turned 16, getting my driver’s license. I remember how fun it was being able to drive to the mall or to my friend’s house.

  7. Cathleen King

    I don’t think I have a favorite age, maybe the ages of a toddler where we don’t have to be adults.

  8. Nancy

    My favorite age is now because we have two wonderful young granddaughters to love and enjoy.

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    My personal favorite would have to be a decade and that was in my 20’s. So many good things happened in that decade for me.

  10. Tandi Cortez

    I would say 5 was my favorite age. I went to Kindergarten for half a day and it was fun.

  11. Lauren U

    Every age has been great! Thankfully, there is always something new to enjoy and so many memories to create!

  12. Kimmie B.

    When I turned 16 and got my driver’s license. I loved that independent feeling.

  13. Leah Shumack

    16. Driver’s license. Awesome friends. No bills. No kids. Life was pretty cool without the responsibility! I’m 35 in 2 months and wouldn’t change a thing tho 🙂

  14. Darcy Novak

    Well I don’t have just one favorite age. It all started when I was 20 and pregnant with my first child. Since then I have had 3 other children. All my wonderful memories are all with my children and my husband.

  15. ncjeepster

    30, I loved the world and knew I could do anything I put my mind to. I was happy and had a great job and I had my own business (part-time). I was a single parent, but helped at school, had a Brownie Troop at our church. Just seemed to be the time I actually made all the important decisions in my life.

  16. Sally Wilsey

    21 When I finally figured out my parents were no ogres and they were right. Also the time our family grew stronger and we became very close.

  17. Kayla Klontz

    15 was my favorite because I moved out of my parents house and started living on my own.


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