Skoy Eco-Cleaning Cloth Review

Skoy: Eco-Cleaning Cloth Review and Giveaway

Skoy ClothsI have a confession – I am a paper towel user. There is a convenience and an ease that comes with their use that makes them quick and disposable.

Jason recently brought to my attention this when he noticed that our grocery bill each week consisted of paper towels. My knee-jerk reaction to this news at first was defensive. I became instantly defensive of my consumption of paper goods, and immediately began to justify it. My main argument was that I had been using these disposable cloths since I was young and it was “easier” to use these instead of a more sustainable option.

As time has passed and I read more and more about environmental sustainability I realize that while I might at times disagree with Jason, this time he might be right. I began experimenting with different cloths and different textures to see if I could find something that would be as easy and versatile as paper.

Since I am a reviewer I am constantly searching for alternatives to the products that I use and since Jason had recently brought the paper towel to my attention I decided that would be my search. One of the first companies I came upon Skoy Enterprises Skoy Cloths.

When I reached out to the company they were kind enough to send me Skoy Cloths for review.

Skoy Absorbing WaterThe Skoy Cloth is an alternative to the paper towels and cloth towels that are currently widely used. The Skoy Cloth is made in Germany and is available in many colors, which suits me really well since I love color. What I really liked about these cloths is that not only are they super absorbent, I was able absorb a little under 1/3 cup of fluid, although that will vary depending on the liquid absorbed.

Each cloth has a cute and simple flower on the front, adding a nice visual element to an otherwise plain cloth. The enclosed literature stated that one Skoy Cloth will replace 15 rolls of paper towel, and is dishwasher/washer safe. Plus when it runs it course and is used its life, it is biodegradable and compostable.

Skoy Cloth on its ownThe main issue that I battle with constantly is my counter. I have a 5 1/2 foot counter top that requires multiple cleanings a day, since it is the main counter in our house. I worry about using anything scratchy because I do not want minute scratches in an otherwise perfect counter. I also avoid harsh chemicals because there are times, if I am aware or not, that our cats jump up on the counter. This cloth worked perfect using plain water and natural cleaners, I was able to clean my counter and keep it scratch free.

Over the years I have seen things similar to this that my father has bought at the annual county fair and they seem to always wear down and I end up using my trusted paper towels. I have been using this Skoy Cloth for almost a month now and it is still in great condition.

If you are looking for a paper towel alternative I have found your replacement – Skoy Cloth!

Skoy LogoTo learn more about Skoy Enterprises and to purchase on Amazon

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Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Skoy Enterprises. This post may contain affiliate links, but this in no way influences the review to follow.

GIVEAWAYSkoy Enterprises is giving a pack of Skoy Cloth to one (1) reader! (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to  win 1 – 4 pack of Skoy Cloths in the following colors: pink, blue, orange and purple. This is a $6.99 value!  I will be randomly choosing 1 person on May 27th (5/27/2016) to receive this alternative to paper towels! Open to residents in the US and Canada. To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by me by email and prize will be fulfilled by Skoy Enterprises/DealsAmongUs! Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

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34 thoughts on “Skoy Eco-Cleaning Cloth Review

  1. Tricia Andrews

    I need to use LESS paper towels in my house too. I’d love to try these cloths.

  2. Debbi Wellenstein

    I prefer cloth-I think cloth cleans better, and I don’t have to keep buying them!

  3. wen budro

    I’ve gotten into the habit of using far fewer paper towels because of the cost. I’ve never tried cloths but I would like to.

  4. Laurie Nykaza

    I like items that I can reuse so clothes to wipe up but sometimes I grab a paper towel too.


    I am a microfiber towel freak but I still find myself using paper towels for the real gross stuff. These Skols would be great. Thanx.

  6. Christina G.

    I prefer to use cloths to clean because it’s much more cost effective. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Maryann Royster

    It depends on what I’m cleaning. If I am picking up dog poop (acidents happen) I need paper towels for, almost everything else i use cloth.

  8. Wendy hutton

    I prefer cloths to clean, only use paper towel for windows, these Skoy cloths are wonderful

  9. tracee

    It depends on what I am cleaning. If there is a lot of liquid to be mopped up, then cloths are definitely better. If its really gross, paper towels.

  10. Lisa L.

    I confess to.. I’m a paper towel user. BUT I know I shouldn’t use them as much. But Skoy cloths could change my ways.

  11. clynsg

    It depends a lot on what I am cleaning. If it is a messy pick-up, I go for paper towels; if just wiping something off, etc., I use cloth.

  12. Amber Y

    It depends on the mess I’m cleaning up. I usually prefer paper towels, but the boyfriend thinks it’s a waste and prefers cloths.

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  14. Nicole Reel

    I prefer to use cloths on a mess. I do have paper towels just in case it is a gross mess.

  15. Laura

    I try to use cloth as much as I can. Paper towels get so expensive.

  16. Debbie Yoder

    I prefer to use cloths to clean , no cost like paper towels, these cloths sound awesome!

  17. Kayte CookWatts

    I will be honest and say I HAVE to use paper towels when I am cleaning the toilet, or I get skeeved out. Any thing else though- I am cool trying this!

  18. Betty C

    There are some things that I have to use paper towels for but for cleaning I much prefer cloth. These are great for size and durability.

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