Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier Review

Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier Review and Giveaway

One of the most difficult things as a pet guardian is taking cats to the vet’s office. Recently we took both cats to the vet on the same day, and it was challenging to say the least. At the time we only had one carrier, and made a box into a carrier for our smaller cat. We have been on the search for a carrier that is comfortable, but also stores well since space is a commodity in our house. When I saw the Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier, I knew I found the perfect carrier for our needs. 

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Sherpa/WorldWise. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier from Sherpa Pet Carriers for Maggee and Murfee to try out!

Let me say that there is nothing about the Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier that I do not like. It is soft on the inside, has ways for the pet to look out, is easy for the pet to get in and out of and most importantly it is sturdy.

The Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier is approved by most airlines so if you have to fly, your pet can be comfortable. The carrier has a unique oval-shape that maximizes space/ The fabric is chew-proof, puncture-proof mesh with windows for the pet to look out and in your sight.

The carrier can be held by the handles or you can use the padded carrying handle that includes a no-slip shoulder strap.

The interior has a machine washable faux lambskin liner that is removable to make removal easier.

The interior is so soft, and since the carrier is made for pets who lay down the base is hard and durable.

The carrier stores well when not in use and zips together super easy when you do need to use it, and unzips again for storage.

Also included is a front pocket that can store leashes, meds, notes or samples needed for the vet.

Maggee and Murfee both investigated the carrier, although Murfee seemed to like it a bit more, If you are looking for a new pet carrier, get a Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier, I know your pet will thank you!


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50 thoughts on “Sherpa Comfort Ride Pet Carrier Review

  1. ljhfike

    the hardest part for me is actually taking them. we have 2 very large dogs and its just not easy to take them anywhere

  2. Ryan Schenk

    I think when taking pets on rides the number one thing that is a pain is to stop for bathroom breaks. Bathroom breaks really get under my skin as they need this every twenty miles I swear!

  3. marlene a harris

    that looks great it would be easy to travel more with them.good for plane rides

  4. Jen D.

    With our dog, it has been getting her to go to go potty is the most difficult part of travel. For our cat, it’s hearing the pitiful meows.

  5. MD Kennedy

    The most difficult part of traveling with my cat, Buddy, is the fact that he weighs 16 pounds – such a lug to carry!

  6. Jasmine Henderson

    The hardest thing about traveling with my cat is that she gets very anxious and stressed on car rides, even when given calming meds.

  7. Wendy R.

    The difficulty, for me, depends upon which pet we are talking about… lol My little buddy loves the car and is very well behaved and he is really easy to travel with. We also have a great dane that travels well, but the difficulty with her is her size, she just is huge and it’s hard for her to fit just anywhere. My mom’s little dog is hard to travel with because he gets distracted, barky and concerned easily.

  8. fran

    Getting my cat into the carrier is the hardest part, although once he’s in he’s fine.

  9. Kylie S

    The most difficult part of traveling with my pet (cat) is that she gets very carsick and needs special accomodations when we get in the car. She needs a space to herself where she can’t see outside, but is also still able to breathe easily. It can be hard when I am constantly traveling between college and home twice a month!

  10. Melissa Shirley

    The hardest thing about traveling with my pets is that they want to climb all over me when I’m driving.

  11. tndcrtz

    Luckily, my dogs are pretty easy to travel with. They enjoy it but they have to get out and stretch more than my kids do!

  12. Joy

    When traveling with my dogs the difficult part is trying to be prepared. I always forget something or something unexpected happens. But with more travel I seem to get better at it 🙂

  13. clynsg

    The difficulty depends on the animal, but generally it involves keeping them (and the other occupants of the vehicle) both comfortable and safe.

  14. Maryann D.

    I find it difficult to get the cat in the travel crate. My previous cat hated that also. And they cry in the car.

  15. kathy m

    The most difficult part of traveling with cats is that they don’t like the movement in the car and tend to cry a lot. When stopping they find themselves in a new environment and are uncomfortable.

  16. Rosanne

    Travelling with pets is hard because they get so scared being out of the house (cat) or the movement

  17. idahomom7

    The difficult part about traveling with our cats is that they don’t like it. They are total home bodies.

  18. thelemondaisy

    The most difficult part of traveling with cats is that they are such homebodies that they complain the whole way to the destination. We don’t travel often, just when we move.

  19. Jaque Richards

    The most difficult problem traveling with my little guy is his stress. He becomes very clingy. Being the enabler I am, I cuddle him in hopes of relieving his distress.

  20. PlanetTuck

    The biggest problem with traveling with any type of animal is what might happen below their imaginary waistlines. Not even debatable.

  21. ellen beck

    The worst part if you have a cat or dog with you is car sickness and closely followed by bathroom accidents since they arent familiar with how to tell you.

  22. larescoe

    I think the worst part about traveling with a pet is keeping them calm if they are not used to travel. It is also necessary to make frequent stops for bathroom breaks.

  23. Maria Appleby

    Some of our cats are difficult to get in to the carrier. Some of our cats become ill in the car.

  24. Kerry P

    He meows in terror the entire time. i think he remembers when his last owners put him in the car to go to the shelter.

  25. AEKZ2

    I think finding a decent hotel that allows pets is my toughest thing about traveling with my dog.


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