24 thoughts on “The Ginger People: Ginger Rescue Giveaway

  1. MeMe R

    I have IBS and gastroparesis so upset stomach doesn’t even name what happens to me when I summer stomach pain lol, but I soothe it with ginger tea. It works better than most Rx stuff and it keeps me out of the hospital.

  2. Jen D.

    I have various ways to settle an upset stomach: ginger ale, saltine crackers, mint tea, ginger tea, chicken noodle soup. My husband likes Pepto Bismol.

  3. MD Kennedy

    Usually I try to sleep off an upset stomach, but I do find sipping club soda can help, too.

  4. susan byrne

    I’m have chronic pain and migraines and I still haven’t found anything that works for me.

  5. larescoe

    I usually drink Pepto when I have an upset stomach. I definitely tried ginger ale when I was pregnant though, I have never been that nauseous in my life!


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