The Path to Becoming a Review Blogger

The Path to Becoming a Review Blogger

A couple of years ago I had the desire to start a blog, but did not know where to begin. I started by writing a couple of posts about the daily mail that I received. Much of the items were free and sent to me via sampling programs and such.

It became clear very quickly that while I thought that was a viable topic, it was not enough to fill an entire blog. I began to brainstorm, and that is when I received the suggestion to do product reviews.

Once I decided on reviews, it was a matter of where and how would I get the products. I decided to start simple and wrote a company that makes an alternative to tubbed whipped cream.

I went to the company’s website, and began looking around and located the contact information. I wrote up a quick note basically saying that I was interested in reviewing their products on my blog. As I hit send on the email, I seconded guessed myself and wondered if I conveyed the message I wanted to convey. To my surprise about an hour later I received an email from the head of marketing saying that they were sending some coupons for review!

To say I was ecstatic was an understatement, and so I decided to email a couple more companies. To my surprise I had a positive response, and packages on the way.

What made the companies take a chance on a blogger who literally had under 50 views a month? I am not sure about that other than I offered them a fair and honest review of their product.

Since that day almost 2.5 years ago, I have done over 500 reviews of products ranging from household, personal, kids items and everything in between. I now get sponsored posts from companies, I get approached about covering local events, I go to trade shows and I get to giveaway some awesome products. I am also a brand ambassador for a couple great companies and I am always trying something new.

I have more cat toys than our cats need (extra I am able to donate to the shelter where we adopted our cats), some favorite snacks (jerky is a favorite around here) and have replaced my pillows, sheets and bed s

The time has come that I share my secrets with you all – there is no reason why more people can not do this! I did not have a magic formula, I did not have any “in’s” with the companies, I had never worked in the this type of industry. I had nothing more than a site name and desire to do this and you can too.

Over the next couple weeks I will be posting different topic’s and different paths to becoming your own review blogger and how you can start your own site.

What would you like to know about becoming a review blogger?

Let me know and you may see your question answered in upcoming posts!





3 thoughts on “The Path to Becoming a Review Blogger

  1. Kristin Houser

    Great article Jennifer! I look forward to learning more about how you built your blog and your great relationships with brands. I always have questions, and other blogger friends that are looking for advice on pitching too. Thanks for sharing your secrets to your success with us. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Elicia P

    Nice to hear the story on how you became a blogger. Thank you. You make it possible for regular ole joe to know that he can make it!

  3. Amy D

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is very encouraging. I really want to start my own review / fitness / nutrition / parenting blog once my kids are both in school and I have more time.


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