39 thoughts on “Paper Pumpkin: Giftable Greetings – August 2017 Kit Review

  1. Barb Macaskill

    The most memorable gift I ever received was a hand drawn picture of me and the sweetest little boy I have ever known. His name was Joseph and he drew me this picture so that I would never forget him. (Like THAT would ever happen!)
    It was March 2003 and we were just hanging out , visiting, on one of his rare days at home. Sadly, on May 14, 2003 he lost his battle with cancer and went to live with the angels.
    He is still a big part of our lives even though he is not physically here with us. Our oldest son named his firstborn after him and all three of our grandchildren know how special he was.
    I still have that picture hanging on my refrigerator and not a day goes by without at least one thought about him.

  2. John Smith

    “What was the most memorable gift you have ever received?” Maybe a nice ring I once got.

  3. Julie Lundstrom

    I got a brand new Dishwasher from my kids. I love cooking and mine wasn’t working so this was so needed.

  4. Catherine Lewis

    I have collected panda bear stuff of all kinds since I was 25 years old. For my birthday one year, my son gave me a rock painted like a panda bear. I love it!

  5. karley moore

    My Mom and Dad bought my sister and I handmade quilts that we had admired at a craft show and gave them to us for Christmas. We never expected to get them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Jen D

    The most memorable gift I have ever received was from my husband – he remodeled the family room as a birthday gift to me.

  7. Wendy R.

    I am lucky to have a very thoughtful family and have received many great gifts over the years.

  8. mjmarmo

    My most memorable gift was a gold pendant that said “mommy” from my daughter when she was 12 or so. I wore it daily until last April. She gave birth to a beautiful girl and I gave her my necklace.

  9. Kathy Beemer

    A most memorable gift is a necklace with a precious stone from my grandmothers bracelet. My parents had a necklace made for me and each of my 3 sisters. #treasured

  10. beth shepherd

    My most memorable gift was the mother’s necklace I received from my kids and all their handwritten notes. I love them

  11. Carissa Joslyn

    My mom gave me her engagement ring and wedding band. My dad and her have been split since I was 1, I’m now 29. she gave it to me when i was like 19.

  12. Kayla Klontz

    I received a scrapbook of my friendship with someone, it was the sweetest gift ever, filled with so many memories.


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