59 thoughts on “Nick’s Sticks 2016 Winter Giveaway

  1. Faye Gates

    As per usual, I didn’t follow the assignment. No Superbowl plans. I hope I can stay home. I house and pet sit, and the holidays have been very busy.

  2. lissa crane

    My plans are the same every year! We invite a few of my husbands old college football team mates over and watch the game with their family’s! Its fun because it serves as a sort of reunion and we all have watched each other’s children grow up too! I look forward to it every year, no matter who’s playing!

  3. wen budro

    Our plans are to watch the game while snacking on lots of yummy food and drink.

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  6. Recipe Fairy

    We don’t watch sports, but we’ll just be chilling at the house or being weekend warriors!

  7. Chasity Smith

    We are having our Super Bowl throwdown at my mom’s since she just bought a new house in the country!

  8. Rhonda Tenderholt

    We don’t watch the superbowl. We like to watch movies as a family. These would go great w/Movie night. I’ve heard about them but never tried them. Thank you for the giveaway.


    The Super Bowl means absolutely NOTHING to me, so I’ll do laundry, and get ready for the work week, just like every other Sunday.

  10. Addie F.

    Superbowl Sunday will just be a regular Sunday, since we’re not sports people. But maybe with a few more snacks!

  11. Angela Kinder

    I don’t think I have any current Super Bowl Sunday plans, but I may have to get some chips and dip, just because it’s always tradition for us, no matter who plays!

  12. Paul C

    I have been eating cheap meat sticks and always disappointed. It’s nice to know someone is coming at it with quality ingredients. Love the idea!

  13. Sarah Cool

    I will be watching of course and ordering pizza, maybe making spinach dip and sausage and cheese with crackers are a must

  14. gala

    Our plans are to watch the game with some friends while snacking on lots of yummy food and drink.

  15. Krystal

    Going over to my grandmas to watch the game with the whole fam. Making all kinds of yummy snack too 😉


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