75 thoughts on “Nick’s Stick’s Review

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  2. Barrie

    I will take Nick’s Sticks when the teen and I take road trips to prevent mindless food!

  3. Mike BirdEye

    I’d take Nick’s Sticks to work
    I’d take Nick’s Sticks to play
    I’d take them everywhere
    so I could snack on them all day

  4. Kelly Nicholson

    Where will you take Nick’s Sticks?

    unless it’s camping or fishing,i will eat them at home ha ha..thanks

  5. Amie George

    I would keep them in my purse so I can just grab one out as a snack when I am on the run.

  6. Annamarie V

    We love to take road trips and one of our favorite road foods is beef sticks, we are planning a trip to the Oregon coast that’s were we would take Nick’s sticks.

  7. Angelica

    I’d take them on my outdoor adventuring. Hiking, fishing, dog-parking, etc. 🙂

    1. Jhenberger Post author

      I was curious where Northrup Canyon is in Washington! We have family in Blaine Washington – beautiful up there!!!

  8. Richard Brandt

    I’m getting my Nick’s Sticks together and taking them on the road.

  9. Allyson Bossie

    Oh these will go hunting with me. Nothing like a quick filling snack to eat quietly in the woods

  10. Cindy S.

    Nick’s Sticks are perfect for road trips! We drive to Vegas from Tucson and snacks like these are a must-have!

  11. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    Bike rides, long car trips, flights and my Honey/Hubby will take to work for snacks (if he doesn’t polish them off o the way first!)


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