35 thoughts on “Mettle Energy Review

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  2. Rhiannon Rowland

    I think I’ve only ever had one or maybe 2 energy drinks and I don’t remember the brand. lol Maybe I need to try them more.

  3. Stacie H

    I drink an energy drink every day. Liquid Ice, Red Bull or my favorite, the Starbucks double shot cold can.

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  5. Jessica K.

    I do like energy drinks. Monster makes one that is in a purple can. Not too sure the name but it taste like bubblegum and it’s really yummy!

  6. Cynthia Mercado

    I do not consume energy drinks but my husband and adult kids do. My husbands favorite energy drink is Amp.

  7. Marty Crosson

    I don’t — I think they’re gross and smell like medicine — but my husband snarfs then down daily in lieu of coffee.

  8. Angie Ford

    I’m always searching for new energy drinks and energy supplements would love to try this!


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