Make Garbage Great Review

Make Garbage Great Review and Giveaway

Make Garbage GreatAs any regular reader of this blog can say, I love to up-cycle. I love the idea that I can turn everyday trash into something useful and relevant. In our house we try our best to recycle when able, and we also like to up-cycle when able.

Recently the town that I live in had banned the use of plastic bags in stores – which while good for the environment, hard on the forgetful people who leave the house without cloth bags. I understand why the plastic was banned, and while that was the obvious choice plastic is in more than just our grocery bags. There is plastic in items such as hip replacements, wire insulation and even in certain types of lumber.

When I opened my eyes and looked at what is already around us I began wondering if I could really make a difference in this mounting garbage filling the landfills issue. Due to my heightened awareness of re-cycling and up-cycling I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review Make Garbage Great: The Terracycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle.

Make Garbage Great: The Terracycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle by Tom Szaky/Albe Zakes contains more than 100 recycling tips and do-it-youself projects.

The book is divided into 8 basic sections that include a section on Plastics, for example, which include not only projects but will also teach you what those symbols on the bottom of plastics are and everything else you could want to know about on the subject of plastic. The otter categories are Metals, Paper, Textiles, Glass, Wood, Rubber and Organics. Each section resembles the Plastics section in terms of format and information provided, but differing the topic and covering the issues of that particular subject each chapter.

Each section contains the information about that topic as well as projects using that item. A good example of this is in the Paper chapter – Food Pouch Tote Bag. The items needed to create a recycled tote bag are 25, or more depending on desired size. Also needed are food pouches such as the ones that fruit blends come in, ribbon, scissors, binder clips, a sewing machine, clear tape and a ruler. After you follow the easy to understand, color photos you will have created a tote for use. As you can see it does not take much to turn otherwise trash items into something usable. I plan to purchase some of these pouches to make a up-cycled grocery bag for our weekly shopping.

As an added bonus, each section provides resources for you if you would rather recycle your items instead of up-cycling them. The book also provides a small fact about the resource and explains the history of the resource, the current state of the resource and where we are headed if we do not change our ways in reference to that resource. Also included is timeline of that resource and their introduction into our modern world.

This book is chocked full of fun project’s that will turn everyday trash into everyday treasure and educate you in the process. The projects in this book are easy to follow and the end result is cute project’s you can be proud of. If you want to up-cycle your otherwise trash items, I would HIGHLY recommend Make Garbage Great: The Terracycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle!


Turn Trash to Treasure!!!!

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23 thoughts on “Make Garbage Great Review

  1. Allison CB

    I use the plastic netting that onions and other veggies come in for my felting projects! ?

  2. syl

    I recycle all the time and I am a trash to treasure kind of gal. I make things out of junk! Cool objects of art.

  3. Melanie Borhi

    At home i dont recycle but i will be shortly as i plan to be more eco friendly in 2016. In community i do recycle as much as i can.

  4. Melanie Barclay

    We always recycle, we love trying to being ecofriendly we have not tried to up-cycled trash to treasure but would love to check out this book.

  5. Elizabeth Dowell

    We have regular recycling pick up at our home. I reuse items all the time especially when making crafts or small toys for children.

  6. Angela Saver

    Yes I do recycle. I use old items all the time, even just using small applesauce containers for paint when painting.

  7. Terri Irvin

    We have recycled as a family for years. I go to garage sales and make things from other people’s castoffs.

  8. Ellen S

    I save all kinds of things to repurpose them. though I must admit, I hate having to save stuff, I just don’t have the room

  9. Tricia Andrews

    I make hand made greeting cards for a church ministry. I use the fronts of old holiday cards by cutting them up and repurposing them onto new cards or turn them into gift tags.

  10. Emilee Bond

    We use EVERYTHING to scrapbook! Old bows that broke/headbands/ etc…. gift bags/boxes… bows/ribbons…. really we use everything we can in our scrapbooks and it makes it so much funner imo. 🙂


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