How to make a DIY Unhatched Dragon Egg

DIY Unhatched Dragon Egg

Sometimes I have a stubborn streak and for years I have been told that I would love the popular Game of Thrones, but I kept coming up with reasons why I would not like it. One night I decided to watch, and immediately fell in love with the dragons, and the eggs they were growing in.

It is with that love that I decided to make this simple DIY Unhatched Dragon Egg, which can be customized to the colors you want it to be using nail polish and thumb tacks.

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This was an easy, project that took about 4-5 hours plus overnight for drying,

Materials Needed 

600-700 Silver Thumb Tacks

3-4 Blue or Green Nail Polish Colors

1 Glitter Clear Polish

1 Clear Polish

1 – Styrofoam Core Sheet

1 – Styrofoam Egg  – 3 7/8/ x 5 7/8

1 – Clear Nail Polish or Spray Matte Glaze

Once you have gathered all the materials, begin by taking your foam core and thumb tacks and “pin” them to the core. Leave a small space between each tack so that you have room to paint each one.

Divide the thumb tacks into rows, and count out the colors of nail polish and group the tacks for the coloring of the surface. I went to my local dollar store and chose a couple of green shades that I liked the look of together.

Once the surfaces are painted, let them dry, I used quick dry polish, so I let them sit for a hour or so. Once dried, I took the board in which the pins were attached outside and sprayed the entire board with a Clear Gloss Acrylic Sealer and let that dry overnight.

Once the thumb tacks are dry, unwrap your egg and give the base a slight push at the bottom – this is to flatten then bottom and to establish a base for the egg to stand up when completed.

Grab your first thumb tack, in which ever color and just above the flattened base, place a row of thumb tacks changing the color every 3-4 tacks. If you want a little added assurance that the tacks will stay put, dip them in some simple white glue before placing them in the egg.

When you are placing the tacks, let them overlap each other slightly, and begin creating your pattern – you can line them vertically, you can do a swirl pattern or make it random.

Let the colors intersperse and be to your liking as you go up the egg – there is no right or wrong way to do this!

Once done, you can use shades of reds and oranges to create a second and browns to create a third – the options are endless!

Finished size will be approx. 4″ high x 4″ Round and Unhatched


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  1. ellen beck

    Thats pretty nifty how you did this.I saw you on Facebook holding it and would have never guessed it was thumbtacks.


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