Know Your Apples – A Guide to Apple Varieties

How ’bout Them Apples – A Guide to Apple Varieties

When I think of the holiday season I think of apples – from their scent to taste there is nothing that this fruit can not create. One of our favorite snacks is apples with peanut butter and caramel.

There are many varieties of apples and each apple has it’s own flavor and own taste, and it can be hard to decide which you want for the family pie. Here I have provided a simple listing of apples and what the apples ideal use is.

Braeburn Apples – This sweet and tart apples was founded in New Zealand in 1952. It is firm to the touch. These are a good all-purpose apple that can be baked.

Cortland Apples – Discovered in Geneva, New York in 1898 this is a hybrid of McIntosh and Ben Davis apples. These are sweet apples that can be baked or eaten as a snack.

Empire Apples -Discovered in Geneva, NY 1945 this is the ideal “lunch box apple” since bruising is kept to a minimum. These sweet apple is a great snack, and the size lends itself to younger hands.

Fuji Apples – These amazing apples can stay fresh in the fridge for a year! Discovered in Fujisaka, Aomiri, Japan in the 1930’s these are now grown in Washington, Michigan, New York and California. These are crispier than other apples and make great snacks.

Gala Apples -These are grown in New Zealand in the 1930’s when they were discovered. These are a great sauce apple.

Golden Delicious Apples – These yellow in color apples were discovered in West Virginia. These are made for salads, sauces and apple butter.

Granny Smith Apples – Discovered in Australia in 1868 these come in green, and become yellow when overripe. These are your popular cooking apples.

Honeycrisp Apples – Discovered in Minnesota in 1960 these are a hybrid, where only one side is known (Keepsake Apples). These are sweet and have a mild honey flavor that make great snack apples.

Jonagold Apples -This hybrid apple of the Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples were discovered in Geneva, New York in 1953. These are usually green/yellow with a crimson coloring.

McIntosh Apples – Discovered in Dundela Canada in 1811 this is the National Apple of Canada. This is an all purpose apple that can keep anywhere from 5-8 months.

Pink Lady Apples – These discovered in Australia in 1973 and  are the perfect eating apple and are good for eating with peanut butter.

Red Delicious Apples – When you think of apples, this is the apple that comes to mind. This is the most popular variety in the United States and were discovered in Peru Iowa in 1880

Rome Beauty Apples – These were found in a Rome Township, OH early in the 19th century and are glossy, round and red.

York Apples – Discovered in York, Pennsylvania in 1820, this one of the Top 10 selling apples in the United States. This makes for the perfect baking, cooking, apple sauce, apple cider, preserves and jams to name a few.


What is your favorite apple?


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